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TikToker Reveals Why We Should Stop Storing Our Drinking Glasses Upside Down

These days, it feels like we've all been doing something wrong — thanks a lot, social media generation! From learning that we should be eating hotdogs flipped upside down, to realizing we've been making baked beans wrong, it's like the universe is trying to send us a message, and that message is that you're wrong. So please, don't mind me today as I offer up yet another thing you've most likely been doing wrong this whole time.

There are some things in life many of us have never given a second thought to.

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For me, one of those things is how I store my drinking glasses. I always place them in my kitchen cabinet rim facing down.

It makes me feel like my tiny apartment is a fine dining restaurant, okay?!

Well, apparently, this is not the ideal storage position.

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As per usual, I found this out by scrolling mindlessly through TikTok and realizing that I really know nothing these days, do I?!

In the video shared by @bs.hidden.secrets, the account explained why we should think twice about storing our glasses upside down.

''The rim of the glass is its most fragile part," the narrator explains.

The video explained that if the rim continued to bear the weight of the glass it would break down over time.

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This could lead to chips in the rim, or worse, your favorite glasses could shatter altogether, and we don't want that, do we?!