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Person Finally Gets Credit Card Company To Accept Name Change With 100+ Faxes

Whether it's because of our bosses, our landlords, or the government, there are going to be some times in our lives when we feel powerless.

We may know that what they're asking us to do is either pointless or against our best interests, but the consequences of defying them can sometimes be too great for that to be an option.

But while most of us are then left to grumble and plan our escape, some folks have found that the best way to get revenge on the ones abusing their power is to follow their directions a little too closely.

After all, it's a lot easier to convince someone that one of their policies is stupid when they're the ones who have to wrestle with it.

And in the case of one person, that quest involved blanketing one obstinate credit card company in paper.

A few months ago, our narrator was granted a legal name change to swap out their surname and change the unique spelling of their first name.

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And as they explained in a Reddit post, this wasn't such a hard thing to do when it came to dealing with the Social Security office, the DMV, and their insurance provider.

However, any lack of trouble from them was more than made up for by their credit card company. And this was a problem because this person is self-employed and the card is instrumental to their business.

For a time, it seemed that no matter how many times they called or which documents they mailed in, the company wouldn't budge.

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Each time this person came through with the requested form and court document, the company would insist they never got it. And when they provided this person with a fax number instead, the problem seemed to persist.

After about 5 weeks and three attempts, this person got tired of the run around and asked for a manager. They were then told this person was unavailable.

This was bad news because they needed to take a trip soon, which meant their card had to match their ID.

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So when they went to go fax their information for the fourth time in two months, they got an idea that would ensure the company couldn't deny receiving it.

Each time the fax machine notified them that their documents had been delivered, they hit send. They would end up repeating this process 25 times that day.

Since there was no response by the following day, the person decided to keep hitting the send button while watching football.

In their words, "By the time I realized how many times I'd hit send, I had sent it over 130 times."

Jim Carrey despairing while holding blue pen with "blue" written on his face
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This person's spamming annoyed the staff of the credit card company so much that a manager had finally returned from thin air to make an angry phone call.

As the person put it, "She sounded quite angry over the phone. I just played dumb. 'You guys asked me to fax it in...'"

Three days later, they would finally get their updated credit card with their name spelled right in the mail.

h/t: Reddit | Caro_Snoopy37