Canadian Family Taking Kids To See The World Before They Go Blind

Canadian family gearing up for vacation
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If you knew you would eventually lose your sense of sight, what would you want to do?

For most of us, it's a thought experiment. For the Lemay-Pelletier family from Quebec, Canada, it's unfortunately very real. Three of their four children will someday lose their sight.

Thanks to their parents, though, they'll get the experience of a lifetime before they lose their sight.

Retinitis pigmentosa is a rare genetic condition.

Children of a tourist family
Facebook | Le monde plein leurs yeux

Experienced by about one in every 40,000 people, this genetic disorder causes the loss of vision over time.

Edith Lemay and Sébastien Pelletier have four children, and three of them have the condition.

Their parents want to show them a great experience.

Children on vacation
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After the diagnosis, Edith and Sébastien decided a globe-trotting trip would give their children some experiences they'd remember forever. The pandemic delayed things somewhat, but they're now in the middle of their adventure.

They're documenting everything on their Facebook page, Le monde plein leurs yeux, which means 'the world in their eyes.'

Right now they're in the Namibian desert.

Family on ATVs in Namibian desert
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About two weeks into their odyssey, the Lemay-Pelletier family is currently in Namibia. Judging from the photos shared on Facebook, it looks like they're having a blast. The next stop on the African leg of their trip is Zambia, followed by Tanzania.

They're taking plenty of pics.

Seabird landing on boat
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The Lemay-Pelletier family has already seen some incredible things on their trip. The parents are making sure to document as much of their odyssey as possible.

The memories are sure to last a lifetime.

Kids hiking in nature preserve
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"Maybe they'll be able to look at the photographs and the pictures will bring back those stories, those memories, of the family together," Lemay said.

The itinerary isn't set in stone.

Kids standing in front of van
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The family would like to visit Turkey and Mongolia, but all of this depends on elements beyond their control, as travel to those countries could be restricted by the time they're set to visit.

There are still challenges.

Kids on a raft entering sea cave
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While the idea of casting your worries aside and losing yourself in a globe-trotting odyssey might be a romantic notion, the reality is a bit more complicated. All four children require homeschooling, which is a significant challenge given their current transient lifestyle.

It's making for an unforgettable experience.

Silhouette of kids at sunset
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"They just asked to dip their toes in the ocean. But with kids, it's never just the toes," said Lemay. "Five minutes later, they're soaking wet and soon there's sand and water in the car. But they're just so excited."

It's a gift for the whole family.

Canadian family gearing up for vacation
Facebook | Le monde plein leurs yeux

While this started as a gift for their kids whose vision will eventually deteriorate, it's turned into something more: an experience the whole family will never forget.

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