A man on his phone at the beach.
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People Are Torn After Woman's Revenge On 'Creep' At The Beach Goes Viral

It's not strange for any woman put in an unexpected situation with a man to feel a little bit worried or on edge, and that wasn't any different for TikTok user @korynnec, who went viral after a video she shared to the platform reacting to a man who sat near her on the beach drew a lot of attention. The internet couldn't decide if Korynne overreated or if she was acting well within her rights.

The video Korynne posted showed her lying on an empty beach.

A screenshot of the TikTok video as described.
TikTok | @korynnec

She pointed out that directly in front of her, a man had set up his blanket and was lying down facing her despite the abundance of space on the beach. Korryne decided to take action against what she felt was a man trying to make her uncomfortable.

"When an old man parks himself 10ft in front of ur towel on a completely empty beach while u were napping and u know what needs to be done," she posted on TikTok.

"PROMISE I’ll make u more uncomf then u make me, also my flat feet grip sand as good as a shovel," she captioned the video, which showed her running past the man lying down and purposefully kicking sand up into his face as she ran by. The man eventually is shown gathering up his stuff and leaving the area.

Some people felt that Korryne was overreacting and that the man had done nothing wrong.

A TikTok comment
TikTok | @korynnec

"Looks more like your harassing him," one commenter wrote, while others wondered what exactly he had done to warrant her response.

"Are men not allowed to be on the beach anymore?" added another.

Other commenters felt that the man choosing to set up his towel so close to her was reason enough to be wary.

A TikTok comment.
TikTok | @korynnec

"sorry but anyone who picks right next to someone on a totally empty beach is a total creep," one commenter wrote.

"take up space. be loud. Don't be boxed in. If they want invade your space make them uncomfortable," another one shared.

What do you think? Was she in the right, or did she overreact? Let us know in the comments!