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Women Share Etiquette Rules That People Don't Do Anymore (But Should)

Throughout society, things change over time. Things we used to do in the past have sometimes been lost amongst the masses as the years go by. One thing that has definitely changed is dating and the way in which we interact with the same or opposite sexes. Those days of chivalry and respect sometimes feel as though they are long gone when we look at the way the world works today. But, just because something has stopped doesn't mean it should never come back around again.

Understanding people's space.

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sweetdollette1999 shared that in the past, we used to understand that people were not always "reachable" 24/7. Before cell phones, if someone was not home you would have to wait to reach them until later on. Now, with phones and texting, if someone doesn't respond right away, we go nuts.

Not knowing everyone's business.

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AdorableSwitchBrat said before social media, not everything was public knowledge or public consumption. We used to keep some news and information near and dear to our hearts. Now, we share everything online and expect others to always do the same.

Dinner table manners.

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Zenfulfairy said that they miss the days when people used to wait for everyone to get their meal at the dinner table before they began eating. Now, sometimes, people will just dig in and other people are sitting there having to wait.

Never take the last of anything without offering it first.

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Tazerin said that it used to be common courtesy to ask others if they want the last item of something before taking the last thing for yourself. People today are more selfish and will take the last helping of anything without asking others.

Keeping to commitments, big or small.

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"I have seen a huge influx of posts about people RSVPing for birthdays and then no-show or not RSVPing and showing. In my social groups, I've noticed a lack of follow-through as well. Actions speak louder than words," said AquasTonic.

Holding a door.

holding the door
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RiceKrispie9 said people used to hold the door for you when you were coming, or even pull a chair out for you at the dinner table or on a date. People neglect these small and considerate moves and habits today often.

Having boundaries.

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kuthro said that they 100% lose respect and interest in someone if they do not have any boundaries for them, both emotionally and physically. Trying to get "handy" with someone you barely know becomes a huge turn-off.

Valuing other people's time.

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Agreeable_Hippo_7971 said being punctual is something not many people seem to care about anymore. If you make plans with someone for a specific time, showing up 20-30 minutes later shows you have no respect or value for their time and schedule.

Using "inside voices."

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"I'm not sure if it's everywhere but where I live everyone seems to shout their conversations even if they are in the same room or standing next to each other. You can't focus on your own thoughts or life or have a quiet conversation because the louder people hijack whatever space is available," shared PoetIsolated.

Looking out for people's safety.

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Jenniinnej15 said when friends or family used to drop them off at home, they would wait before driving away to see if they got into their home safely and okay. Nowadays, people will speed away and not even look back to ensure they are okay.

Writing thank you's.

thank you card
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Yummy_Chewy_Scrumpy said that gratitude and thank you's have become a thing of the past. We used to send hand-written thank you cards to people and now, people simply type "TY" on text messages and think that's sufficient.

Respecting people's weekends.

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"Leaving people alone after work hours and weekends. Stop expecting me to be available for extra work commitments during the evening and weekends cause I don’t have children. My time as a childless woman is constantly being disrespected," said Time-Boss-3867.

Checking in with friends and caring.

checking in
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doomdoggie said people have "stopped" checking in and seeing if friends are okay, relying on social media and other things to inform them about their life. It's important to let friends know you are there for them and genuinely care.

Picking up and throwing out your garbage.

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digbipper shared they were "shocked" to see how many younger kids they worked with simply take their garbage and throw it on the ground or out a window. It's very sad to see how much littering goes on in the world and people just ignore it.

Accommodating guests in your home.

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"Being super accommodating to any guests who enter your house for any reason and for any amount of time. I grew up having stuff set aside just in case someone passes by, water bottles, baked goods, coffee pot ready, etc..," shared PixelFreak1908.