Cadbury Easter Bunny Annie Rose.
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Cadbury Chooses Sweet Therapy Dog To Be Easter Bunny

The Cadbury chocolate company has gone hand-in-hand with Easter celebrations for more than 50 years. During that time, Mini Egg connoisseurs have become well aware of the company's bunny mascot who clucks like a chicken.

However, what you might not have realized is that for the past four years, Cadbury has held an open contest for household pets to be named Cadbury's "Spokesbunny." This year, the delectable honor went to a pooch named Annie Rose — and it's even more adorable than you can imagine.

Spring has sprung which can mean only one thing — Easter is right around the corner.

Easter chickadees.
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For some, Easter is a time to gather and celebrate with family. For others like myself, it's the only holiday (save for Halloween) where you can gorge yourself guilt-free with candy and chocolate.

One company that has been synonymous with Easter since the late '60s is Cadbury.

Cadbury Mini-Eggs.
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Regardless of where you stand when it comes to the much-debated Cadbury Creme Egg, there's hardly a person alive who would disagree that Cadbury Mini-Eggs are the Rolls Royce of Easter chocolate.

For the past four years, Cadbury has held a contest to make one lucky pet the honorary Cadbury Bunny for the year.

This year, the honors went to an adorable English Doodle named Annie Rose — a therapy dog from Cincinnati, Ohio.

According to the description on Cadbury's website, Annie makes frequent trips to various nursing homes in the Cincinnati area.

Annie Rose on local news channel.
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She's also paw-tial to helping kids of all ages carry around their basket of Easter treats and bringing a smile to the face of everyone she meets.

Annie Rose was given the illustrious honor after she came out on top in a voting contest that spanned the nation.

Cadbury Bunny Tryouts.
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Among the finalists were a pony named Sweetheart, a camel called Eclipse, and a bearded dragon who goes by the name of Cheeto Puff.

Along with the honorary "Spokebunny" title comes some truly tasty treats.

Annie Rose Cadbury's Spokesbunny 2022.
Facebook | Lori Rahn

For one thing, Annie Rose will be starring in her very own Cadbury commercial. On top of that, she and her owners will share a cash prize valued at $5000.

After Annie received the news, her owner Lori Rahn took to Facebook to express her gratitude.

Annie Rose and her owners.
Facebook | Lori Rahn

"I’m so in awe of the support, love, excitement, and votes you guys gave us," Lori said in her post. All in all, Annie Rose received more than 12,000 votes.

"They even asked us 'how did you get so many votes?' I said Team Doodle families and our local friends, family, community, and beyond."

Annie Rose Cadbury's Spokesbunny of 2022.
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Lori made sure to mention that "Doodle family and friends stick together." She continued stating "I told them how everyone was excited as if Annie was their dog."

Cadbury also espoused just how impactful Annie Rose's presence has been these past two years in a press release.

Annie Rose dressed up like Joe Burrow.
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"When COVID-19 restrictions meant no visitors at nursing homes, Annie Rose didn't give up," the statement read. "She worked even harder, dressing up and strutting her stuff outside the nursing home windows instead."

Moving forward, Annie Rose is well aware that she has some big shoes to fill — figuratively speaking.

Betty the Tree Frog Cadbury's Spokesbunny for 2021.
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Last year, Cadbury's coveted honor went to a teeny tiny tree frog named Betty. It marked the first time that an amphibian had been named Cadbury's "Spokesbunny."

Now that Annie Rose has been chosen to wear the ears, she looks forward to continuing to spread cheer and hoppy-ness wherever she goes.

Annie Rose with owner.
Facebook | Lori Rahn

This year, it was Annie Rose, but next year — who knows?! If you think that your pet has what it takes to be Cadbury's next "Spokesbunny," click here for more information regarding contest rules.