Ice cream
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People Discuss Which Foods Taste Better Depending On When And Where We Eat Them

While we’ll take food anytime and anywhere, there are certain pairings that are just chefs kiss

Like ice cream at the beach on a hot summer day or hot chocolate after a chilly day of hitting the slopes. 

For more delicious pairings that just make sense, Redditors discuss which foods taste better depending on when and where we eat them. 

A cold cut sandwich and a little bag of chips after swimming

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It's truly unbeatable, one Redditor wrote. Another shared that imagining this combination transported them to a sunny day sitting cross-legged on a wet towel, with the smell of chlorine all around them. Oh, and the bag has to be small, not regular-sized.

Queso and hot chips at any Mexican restaurant

Queso and chips
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"I love the places that do free unlimited chips and salsa, where the salsa comes to your table in a clear vase thing and each person gets their own little bowl to pour some salsa into. It's a very specific craving I have very often." - u/ana_conda

Popcorn at the movies

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Eating popcorn in any other setting is just so bland and boring. But eating it at the movies? Every bite is so salty and delicious, it's no wonder most people finish the bag before the movie even starts.

Food outdoors while camping

"Everything tastes better outdoors, especially after working a lot. S'mores take the cake too, you just can't get the same flavor without a wood fire imo. Even if just for the aesthetic placebo." -u/SayHelloToAlison

Chocolate while on your period

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We can thank hormones for making the sugar cravings go through the roof. When it's that time of the month, give us ALL THE CHOCOLATE. And a whole tub of ice cream as well.

Hot dogs at a bbq or baseball game

Sex and the City at baseball game
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Forget peanuts and crackerjacks, give us all the hot dogs! We can even hear the vendor in the stands yelling now, "hot dogs, come get your hot dogs!"

Water barefoot at 3 a.m.

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It's just so refreshing at this time! One Redditor wrote that they need it after leaving their space heater on so long. "It's like being reborn," they wrote.

Soups/curries when it’s cold out

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"I had a [expletive] day at work, I was feeling sick and it was rainy and gross and I drove past a soup food truck and got a big mug of chicken and rice and it was perfect." - u/helloiamsilver

Cheeseburger when drunk

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Greasy food simply hits different when you're intoxicated. And, if you don't finish all of it, you have the best breakfast to eat in the morning to curb your hangover.

Breakfast food on vacation

Julia Roberts eating cookie
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"Continental hotel breakfast between 5 and 6 AM! They have SO many delicious choices, I don't have to cook ANY of it (unless it's a DIY waffle maker), and when my family and I are done... NONE of us have to do dishes!! It's magical! Lol." - u/_WTF_KAREN_

Pasta and wine on a Friday night after a long and stressful work week

Pasta and wine
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Could there be anything better? It's what you deserve after a long week at work: lots of carbs and a relaxing glass of wine. Even better if you pair it with friends or a show to binge.

Cereal at night

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"My husband wakes up one, sometimes two times a night, most nights, to eat a bowl of cereal and then comes back to bed. Always the junk food cereal too." - u/pigscanalreadyflyyy

Costco hot dog in the parking lot after shopping

You know that TikTok sound that says, "It's like a reward"? That's exactly what a Costco hot dog is. It's your reward for getting your groceries and household items for the next few months. Plus, you can't beat that price!

Hot chocolate on a cold day

Hot chocolate
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"Bonus points if it's after a day of skiing/snowboarding and you come inside and have it." - u/Jennyferr0412. Another Redditor wrote that it's a similar feeling when drinking hot apple cider after picking out your Christmas tree.

Sprite at McDonald's

This must be because they put crack in the Sprite, right? Wrong. It's because the water that goes into the sprite goes through four different filtration systems. This must explain why their Diet Coke is also so addicting.

Leftover Chinese food

Big Bang Theory cast eating
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"Chinese food is only good as leftovers. I hate it when it’s fresh and hot, something about it being refrigerated brings out the flavor and texture." - u/KeyProperty2134

Grilled cheese made by someone else

Grilled cheese
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"I hate my grilled cheese. But when my husband makes them they’re the freaken best. I don’t know how he does it. Same ingredients. I don’t even attempt to make them anymore." - u/SnooBunny

Cotton candy at a fair or carnival

Just picture it: it's a hot, summer day and you're at the carnival with your family. You're using your fingers to grab ahold of sugary goodness. For whatever reason, it's the most delish treat when eaten in the right setting.

A candy bar in your car after shopping

Candy bar
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"You eat in the car all alone at 8:00 pm in the moonlight at Wal-Mart or Target before you head home after shopping because your spouse or children will either find it and eat it before you have a chance to if you bring it home or they will give you grief because you didn't buy them one too." - u/AllAboutWaxing

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