Woman Who Was Excluded From Family Dinner Shows Up At Restaurant Anyway

Mason Joseph Zimmer
man and older woman looking shocked at restaurant
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Unless we really don't want to go somewhere, it almost always hurts to be excluded.

That goes double when you're the only one who's being left out of an event and it goes triple when the ones doing it make it clear they're excluding you for a petty reason. But whether you're being left out for something you can't change or something you shouldn't have to, it's obviously hard for that not to affect your relationships with people you thought were your friends.

That's all bad enough, but one woman is now facing an arguably more frustrating situation because she has no idea why this keeps happening to her.

But based on how her in-laws reacted to a sly response she recently undertook, it's apparently for a reason they feel strongly about. And that has a number of people feeling very suspicious.

In the five years that the woman we're about to hear from has known her husband, she's noticed his family has a tradition of eating out together every month.

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And as she explained in a Reddit post, she's been able to attend about half of these dinners. However, this struck her as odd after she learned that her husband's brothers have always been allowed to bring their significant others.

Yet whenever she's asked her husband why this is, he refuses to tell her despite the fact that this matter has been the cause of several long fights between them.

Nonetheless, when one of these dinners comes around, there's always a chance that her husband will say, "I’m going to the family dinner. It’s probably best if you sit this one out."

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The last time this happened, the woman had enough and decided to make her own reservation. Her husband didn't know this so she left the house about 15 minutes after she did.

And while the table she was seated at didn't have a view of her husband's family, she revealed herself during an intentionally conspicuous walk to the bathroom.

Tellingly, her husband looked shocked when he saw her and asked what she was doing there.

In response, she said, "I told him that I had just been dying for a steak, so I came and got one at the restaurant."

man and older woman looking shocked at restaurant
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And when the mother-in-law said it was rude of her to interrupt their family dinner, she said she was just going to the bathroom and told them to have a good meal before leaving to finish hers.

This caused a massive blow-up from her husband when he got home, but even then, he wouldn't tell her why she keeps getting excluded.

As the woman relayed, "My husband said that the decision to invite was between him and his family, and I should respect it."

Although some commenters wondered if the woman was leaving something she had done out, it would be hard to even know what this would be if her husband refuses to tell her.

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So as it stood, they found this policy completely nonsensical, with one user saying, "Maybe I've just missed a memo or two or three, but when you get married, are you not part of the 'family' now?"

However, the majority of the Redditors suspected they had an unfortunate answer when the woman answered the question, "Is there a major race or religion difference between you and the rest of the family/in-laws?"

Although she wasn't entirely convinced that the fact that she's racially mixed and they're all white had anything to do with it, that was the only explanation they could see for this situation.

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But whatever this apparently secret reason for her exclusion is, the outlook for this relationship seemed murky at best to commenters since both her husband and her in-laws made it abundantly clear that they don't consider her part of the family.

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