Idris Elba, The Sexiest Man Alive, Doesn't Think His Voice Is Sexy

Taylor Sakellis
Idris Elba
Getty Images | Gregg DeGuire

Idris Elba is one of the most gorgeous men on the planet. Yep, I said it. We're not easing into this chat at all I am going full steam ahead. His style, his charisma, and his charm mean he's the ultimate hunk. If alllllll that wasn't enough, Idris has a gorgeous, soothing British accent that is enough to make me clutch my pearls.

However, if you can believe it, he doesn't think his voice is worthy of all the swooning.

From Idris fan to Idris fan — if your kids want to go to see "Sonic the Hedgehog 2" don't immediately shut them down.

Sure, it's Sonic the Hedgehog 2 BUT it means you get to listen to the vocal stylings of Idris Elba for an hour and a half.

Speaking on the podcast "Loose Women" the 49-year-old shared how he felt about his voice while recording the animated movie.

idris elba

“I was desperate for my character to sound like a fish out of water,” he explained, as per ET.

"I put on this sort of stern, deep voice. I didn’t think it was sexy, but hey, I’ll take the compliment."

Idris admitted he doesn't understand why women find his voice so appealing, and for that, I have to praise his modesty.

"I’m baffled. I think I sound like a market trader from Canning Town. ‘Get your fish here, £10!'" he joked. "That’s expensive fish!"

idris elba

“But I don’t necessarily think my voice is sexy…”

Well WE do, Idris... and isn't that all that matters?! wink wink.