Older People Share The Best Life Advice They Could Give To Younger Folks

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When it comes to advice, who best to draw wisdom from than those older than us?

Older generations have so much to offer because they have weathered the storms of life. They have loved, lost, and made plenty of mistakes along the way.

And now, they’re ready to share what they’ve learned so that younger generations are more prepared.

Reddit user, u/m_otter_12  kicked this off when they asked, “Older people of Reddit, what’s the best life advice you could give to a 20-year-old?”

Here are the life-changing answers. 

30 isn't old

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Society has made it a big deal to turn 30. Just look at how Joey reacted in Friends! But Redditors banded together to share that it's not old. There are still so many things you can still do and accomplish.

NEVER sell your safety or health for wages


"Those people you think you are impressing, that say you're so irreplaceable.... wait till you're hurt and out 8 weeks. They won't miss you long enough to fill your parking space. Never give your life to your job. Your paycheck is a tool. Save your heart for your family. They will be around longer." - u/skaote

It's easier to lose weight while you're young

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The metabolism of a 20-year-old is a lot different than that of a 40-year-old, so get moving! If you put it off to the last minute, your health will suffer and it will take a lot longer to get in shape.

Adults don't know what they're doing

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"There isn't some point in your life when you go from 'WTF is going on' to 'OK, I've got it all figured out.' Knowing that, don't stress that you don't have it all figured out. You're not behind the curve if you're trying to find yourself or have no idea where you want to be in 5 years." - u/relikter

Buy a plunger before you need one

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Sage advice! You don't want to know what it feels like to be without one. What if this happens in the middle of the night? You'll be holding your bladder until the next morning.

Save as much money as you can


"If you can find a way to save 10 percent of every check by auto deduction, you will get to the point you don't even see. If you can avoid touching it by the time your retirement age you will have good money to retire on. The discipline is hard but once you master it life can be better in retirement." - u/Former_Collection

Don't keep delaying your passions

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Start today! This could be dancing, writing, or learning an instrument. Whatever it is, many Redditors agree that it's never too late to start learning something new.

Before you go to college, do research on the major you want to go into

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"Job postings, pay, trends, desirability of the field. Don't be me and not do that and waste the entirety of my 20s going to school 3 times while being stuck living with my parents I don't get along with." - u/SilverLugia1992

Call your parents more often

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If not, you may end up like one Redditor who regrets the time they didn't spend with their parents now that they're gone. Of course, if they're toxic, this may not apply to you.

Don’t let being in a relationship take the front seat in your life

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"You’ll have your whole adult life to get into a partnership and go through everything in that arena. Learn to be alone first, figure out what makes you truly happy without someone else's needs or actions clouding your judgment." - u/we_invented_post-its

Don't let people live in your head rent-free

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All this does is make you carry around emotional baggage, which is burdensome. Author and researcher Brene Brown brilliantly put it this way: if they're not in the arena of your life, their judgments and opinions should be paid no mind.

Remember that you are hot now

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"I hate that I spent my skinny years thinking I was fat. I look at photos of myself from then and can't believe I thought I was so ugly. I'll never have that hot young body again." - u/moonbunnychan

Marry your best friend

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"It makes all the difference," one Redditor wrote. These are the ones who will always have your back, even on the most difficult days.

Don't stay in a toxic job

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"It'll probably never get better, and it will ruin your life and possibly your health. I once stayed in a toxic workplace far too long; I dreaded going to work every day, my blood pressure was literally 180/100, and I was on my way to ulcers before I finally left." - u/WoolaTheCalot

Travel lots

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Even if it's just within your own country, that's better than nothing. One Redditor wrote that there are lessons that you learn from travel. Plus, the memories are sure to last you a lifetime.

Don't do hard drugs

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"It's not worth it to risk giving up potentially years or all of your life to feel good for a little while. Not to mention the money, the hurt you can cause your family and loved ones." - u/nryporter25

Ask your family about your ancestors while you still can

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These stories are meant to be passed down generation after generation. Don't be the person who lets these stories stop because you didn't have the time or energy to hear about them.

Live a balanced life

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"Don't play video games 13 hours a day and let your career potential go to waste, but also don't become a workaholic and miss out on opportunities to have fun." - u/DeathSpiral321

Don't try to keep up with the Joneses

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This is when you strive to own as much as the people around you. But what you don't see on a person's social media vacation post is how they went into debt for that trip or how they're nearly broke from that expensive car.

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