Haley Joel Osment Shares Heartfelt Tribute To 'True Legend' Bruce Willis

Taylor Sakellis
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As you may have heard by now, fans of Bruce Willis received devastating news on Wednesday morning after learning the actor has been diagnosed with aphasia. In a heartfelt post shared by his family, it was announced that Bruce will be stepping down from acting as his cognitive brain functions have been compromised.

Co-stars and friends of the actor quickly took to social media to send messages of love to Bruce and the entire Willis family.

Bruce Willis is, without a doubt, one of the most beloved and recognizable actors in Hollywood.

Best known for his starring roles in cult-classic films like Die Hard, Pulp Fiction, and Armageddon, Bruce is nothing short of a household name.

The light of the news of his diagnosis and subsequent retirement, Bruce's friends and co-stars have been paying homage to the beloved actor.

One of the most recent stars to send love to the Willis family is Bruce's Sixth Sense co-star, Haley Joel Osment.

Sharing a photo of the actor on his Instagram, Haley shared a heartfelt message.

"I’s been difficult to find the right words for someone I’ve always looked up to—first on the big screen, and then by some wild stroke of luck, in person."

"He’s a true legend who has enriched all of our lives with a singular career that spans nearly half a century," he continued.

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"I am so grateful for what I got to witness firsthand, and for the enormous body of work he built for us to enjoy for years and years to come."

"I just wanted to express the respect and deep admiration I have for Bruce and his family as they move forward with the courage and high spirits that have always defined them."

What a sweet message to share, and I'm sure its brought love to the Willis family during this difficult time.