John Travolta Adopts Rescue Dog Jamie Lee Curtis Held On Oscars Stage

Danielle Broadway
John Travolta and Jamie Lee Curtis
instagram | @curtisleejamie

There's nothing like bringing a new and adorable furry friend home, especially after they've already made the cutest 2022 Oscars debut ever. Actor John Travolta recently shared on Instagram that his 11-year-old son, Ben, adopted the dog that fellow actor, Jamie Lee Curtis was holding during the "In Memoriam" part of Sunday's award show. Curtis was paying homage to the late Betty White's passion for protecting animals with the announcement that the pup named Mac-N-Cheese needed a home. Well, when it comes to homes, lil Mac-N-Cheese struck gold when the Travoltas decided to take him home as the newest member of the family.

It's pretty much the most adorable thing we've seen.

With people fixated on a lot of other "interesting" Oscar moments, it's easy to miss this incredibly heartwarming one. After Ben adopted Mac-N-Cheese, he and his father posted this picture with the caption, "Ben adopted this dog from last nights Oscar tribute to Betty White. Thank you @curtisleejamie & @pawworks." It would seem that even when she's no longer physically with us Betty White continues to inspire love and kindness for animals in need.

Curtis shared some heartwarming words about White during the awards show.

While holding Mac-N-Cheese in her arms, Curtis said, "Day in and day out for almost a century, she [Betty White] was a woman who cared so much for not just her two-legged friends but for animals just like this." It was an emotional moment for everyone that admired White and it must have resonated with Travolta, who was in the audience.

Curtis calls the adoption a "magical ending".

While happily ever after isn't always deemed as a part of real-life, it looks like it was this time. Curtis also posted the picture of Travolta and his son Ben holding Mac-N-Cheese on Instagram, and it's got a loving caption. She wrote, "A MAGICAL ending to the story from last night. At the Oscars I reconnected with my friend, John Travolta. We starred together in the movie Perfect back in 1984. I had already left the Dolby theater last night after honoring Betty White and was on my way home when someone texted me a photo of John holding little Mac-N-Cheese in the green room before his presentation of the best actor Oscar."

It looks like happy endings do truly exist — and they usually involve dogs.

Mac-N-Cheese was adopted from Paw Works.

The nonprofit organization in Camarillo, California called Paw Works works hard to get dogs adopted and fostered with care. They also took to Instagram to post about the "amazing moment" when Mac-N-Cheese was introduced to the world during the Oscars. They wrote, "Such an amazing moment last night at the Oscars! Hollywood’s biggest night with the incomparable @curtisleejamie in honor of @bettymwhite." This puppy got more than a few new friends that night, he got a brand new family.

Chad Atkins, founder of Paw Works, reflected on the heartwarming Oscars moment.

instagram | @curtisleejamie

"When I received the call that the Academy Awards was looking for a rescue pup to include during the Betty White memoriam, I became instantly excited for the exposure it meant for Paw Works and rescue animals in general," Atkins said.


"Then I heard that Jamie Lee Curtis, a Hollywood legend, would be the presenter holding Mac-N-Cheese. After several discussions with Ms. Curtis I came to find out it was her who pushed for the tribute to include a rescue dog, as a token of appreciation for all the generosity Betty White had shown our four-legged friends for nearly a century."

Curtis had many to thank for helping this pup.

When there's an adorable dog involved, there can never be enough posts — at least that seems to be Curtis's take on this Oscar history moment. She gave out a ton of thank yous in a post of her holding Mac-N-Cheese at the awards show.

She honored people who protect animals, writing,"People who rescue animals are heroes. They keep them safe and warm and well fed and well tended to until other people come along and offer their home and hearth and heart to these precious beings."

It looks like team work really does make the dream work.

The comments are pouring in.

John Travolta and Jamie Lee Curtis
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People commented on Travolta's post, saying, "Awwwwww," "So great," and "Aww...lucky boy. Lucky dog," and much more. Without a doubt, Mac-N-Cheese must be feeling the love, and also enjoying his comfy new home.

Curtis used the hashtag #AdoptDon'tShop to help other pets find homes.

It's true, people love looking at cute animals, but when it comes to making the commitment to taking one home — animals get ghosted. While it's good to put thought and consideration into

whether or not to bring a new pet home, too often animals wait their entire lives for homes. It's not just about finding Mac-N-Cheese a home, it's about helping all pets find forever homes.

It's a lesson about being a friend to all.

Betty White cuddling a dog
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Even if someone's not a dog person, or even an animal person — they can be a friend to pets in need. In 2006, White was named City of Los Angeles' “Ambassador to the Animals” for her lifetime of animal activist work. It wasn't just because she adopted a bunch of furry friends, it's because she fought for their protection and rights to quality lives. This is the message that Curtis tried, and succeeded, in conveying during the 2022 Oscars.

There's a lot to learn from Travolta and his son.

Jamie Lee Curtis
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While not everyone can adopt the dog they saw during the Oscars, they can pay attention to the animals in need around their community. Animals need help, and even if they can't speak in words, they have voices. By sharing Mac-N-Cheese's adoption story, Curtis and Travolta aren't just setting a great standard, they're also honoring Betty White.

Let us know what you think in the comments of this Oscar worthy adoption story and if you feel encouraged to adopt.