Traveler Shares Experience Flying First Class: 'Fancy Stuff Be Wasted On Rich People'

Kasia Mikolajczak
two people in first class talking to the pilot
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Let me ask you, have you ever had the pleasure of flying first-class? I haven't, but for some unknown reason, my mom and I once got bumped into business class, and needless to say, it was pretty sweet.

So, have you ever wondered just how big of a difference flying first-class makes compared to the good ol’ economy trips price-conscious individuals are used to? Well, one man got to experience this recently, and he's sharing his findings with the rest of us mere mortals.

This man was offered a first-class ticket and he took it alright.

person sitting in first class on a plane
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He got to see how the other side lives, and now he wants us all to experience that. So let's start with the view here. This ladies and gentlemen, is how comfy you can be in first-class.

Fancy a drink or what?

drink in a glass and bread sticks
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Well, if you're flying in first-class, that drink is going to come in a real glass — none of that plastic crap. Yes, this is real glass. And on top of that, there is some sort of breadsticks that come along with it. Huh? Wow!

Chicken or beef?

food on a first-class flight
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How about both? Ha, ha! I don't know about you, but I think this is a pretty good meal for a plane flight. Am I right? I wouldn't mind if I got served something like that. Oh, yeah!

How do you like this?

screenshots of perks of flying first-class
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This fancy meal also came with some other perks. Each guest received their own individual tiny bottle of olive oil, and even the salt packets looked pretty chic. There was also a yummy dessert that looked quite gourmet to me. Oh my goodness.

But that's not all

first-class flight goodie bag with socks
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This man even got a goodie bag. What was inside of it? Socks! Ha, ha, I guess they'll come in handy when you spill that fancy drink on the ones you're wearing. That would be a little embarrassing, no? So there, problem solved.


plane pocket with water bottle and reading light
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And what is this here? Is that a special pocket for a water bottle? Oh, yes, that's right. It comes with a blue light in case you forgot about it. There's also a reading light that is bright enough to do surgery with, ha, ha. Not that you will need that, but it will come in handy when you're reading that latest bestseller.

Wait, there's more.

Goodies from a first-class flight
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This flight wouldn't be the same without all these freebies. You've got coconut oil packets to pretty much moisturize anything on your body. And if your face feels haggard, there's the Luminion Miracle Mist. When your throat gets dry, you've got soothing lozenges waiting for you. And last but definitely not least, there is a hydration and collagen packet too. Oh, my!

Here are some of his other observations.

man saying "damn right"
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The guy sitting next to this man was mad that his cold salad was cold, ha, ha. Which prompted this lucky passenger to realize that "Man, fancy stuff be wasted on rich people. Give it to us poors. We'll be delighted by two cookies." Amen!

He also discovered at end of the flight that the bathroom was still in pristine condition with no toilet paper stuck in the sink. I guess those are economy class problems, ha, ha.

What a trip, huh?

wing of a plane in the clouds
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Now that you know how the other half lives, are you a little jealous? I'll admit that I am. I mean, I, too, want to fly in first-class, drinking my fancy drink from a glass and munching on some gourmet food. Wouldn't that be nice? Oh, and all those goodies — I want them all!

Thanks, man, for showing us what exactly we are missing on those flights. Now, how do I get a first-class plane ticket without the first-class price?