18 Anti-Bucket List Items People Will Never Do Again

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When was the last time you saw somebody posting about living their best life, or seizing the day, huh? That seems to be the sentiment these days. Am I right? It's all about doing things before you kick the bucket, like skydiving or going on a trip to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

But truth be told, not all things are right for everyone. And sometimes, even when you have the best intentions, things can and will go awry. So a recent Reddit thread asked, "Anti-bucket list: What’s something you’ll never do again?" and the answers are pretty interesting.

This Relationship Fiasco

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"Settling for a relationship knowing you are not really happy. Never. Again."

Oh, yeah. I think many of us have done that in the past. But once you realize the mistake you made, and you get out, life looks a lot brighter on the other side.

This Work Situation

people at work in a boardroom
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"Assume that every co-worker is a friend."

Sadly, I agree with that. After I got stabbed in the back too many times, unfortunately, I don't trust anybody at work anymore. It's not a great realization, but I will rather be careful than foolish like that again.

This Hospitality Job

waitresses at the bar
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"I was a server for five years. It was fun most of the time but God Almighty, the worst customers could drive a person to murder."

LOL, I'm happy to report that I've never worked as a server in a restaurant, and I'm so glad about that, ha, ha. I don't know how people do that. Not for me.

This Disney Fail

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"Go to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom on Christmas Day. Shoulder-to-shoulder people, insane lines, and nothing special I couldn’t see earlier in the month."

Wow, that must've been quite the nightmare. I absolutely can't stand crowds so I wouldn't enjoy that at all. I guess lesson learned, huh?

This Retail Nightmare

inside of a mall
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"I refuse to ever do retail again, people are literally such assholes and don’t realize you're trying to help them and still get their job done."

Here's another job I've never done, and for a good reason. I never found working in retail appealing at all. People can be so annoying that I don't blame this person.

This Lifestyle Change

woman drinking wine from two glasses
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"Binge drink. I used to go on benders for a week or two. Now I barely ever drink."

Oh, yeah. I used to have a glass of wine with dinner every night. Now, weeks can go by, and I haven't even had a drink. It's funny how life turns out, huh?

This Good Decision

lit cigarette in a ash tray
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"Smoke. Did it for 14 years. I feel so much better, having quit. Been about 10 years since and the amount of money saved and the smell and the cough."

Bravo! That's amazing. Isn't it? I'm so proud of this person for finally kicking this bad habit. If you're struggling to do it, I sincerely wish you luck.

This Hard Truth

person looking at clothes on a rack
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"Buy clothes that don’t fit well in hopes that 'someday' I’ll lose weight and be comfortable in them. Just size up, damn it, and be comfortable now!"

Well, if you do that, that 'someday' may never come, and then you'll end up with a closet full of clothes you can't wear. How depressing is that, huh?

This Indoor Lover

two people with tent falling on them in the rain
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"Camping. Never again will I leave my perfectly comfortable house for a weekend to sleep on the ground and share a disgusting bathroom with 150 strangers."

Ha, ha, truth be told, camping isn't for everyone. I have enjoyed it in the past, but these days, I prefer to stay in a comfortable hotel with a view. That's how I roll.

This Binge

mac 'n cheese on a plate
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"I'll never submit entirely to my cravings. I once made and ate 2 boxes of mac & cheese, and then snacked on some pickles. I was woken that night by the fury boiling in my loins and I ended up on the toilet for around 5 hours. Turns out I had given myself temporary lactose intolerance by using up all of the lactase in my body."

OMG, what? Who knew what could even happen, right?

This Lonely Moment

people at a party
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"Hang out with people I don't like just to have an excuse to get out of the house."

You know what, I might be considered weird, but I rather stay home by myself than go out with people I don't like. But then again, I do like my own company, and I don't feel the need to always have to go out.

This Awkward Moment

woman feeling awkward
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"Go to a strip club. I've never felt so awkward in my entire life."

Ha, ha, I know exactly how this person feels. I've only gone once, and I seriously couldn't stop laughing. It's just a weird environment, and I could never get why people get so excited about it. It's just so odd.

This Friendly Move

person holding money
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"Loan a friend money with the expectation of getting it back. Haven’t loaned money since and if I ever do, it’s a gift."

Nope, that isn't a good idea. I could have told you that. I never borrow money from friends and never lend any money out. It's a funny situation that can get awkward pretty fast. Plus, you're also risking losing a friend, too.

This Solid Choice

Woman shaking head saying "nope."
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"Trying to be liked by everybody by always being nice and never saying no. Never again."

That can be hard to stop, but in the end, it's good to say "no" to people and things. If you're too nice, people can take advantage of you. It's sad but true.

This Hard Lesson

person measuring their waist
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"Being obese. I didn’t realize how much it negatively affected everything in my life until I lost 80 pounds. Then I was like, 'Oh, THIS is how I’m supposed to feel.'

Here's something I've never had to deal with, but I can definitely understand where this person is coming from. Getting healthy is a journey, and I'm happy to hear it worked out great in the end.

This Life Decision

Doctor with a newborn
Unsplash | Jonathan Borba

"Childbirth and the postpartum period. Love my daughter to death. One and done."

Oh my goodness, I can sympathize with this lady. Honestly, I don't know how women do it when they have multiple babies. I guess it's just not for everyone.

This Wild Ride

person bungee jumping
Unsplash | Jeremy Bezanger

"Bungee jump... as soon as my feet left the edge all I could think was, 'Well that was stupid'...It was exciting and probably safe enough... but it was enough for me to know I will never willingly do that again."

Okay, full disclosure, I've always wanted to go skydiving but bungee jumping? Oh, heck no! I have nightmares of something going wrong and all my limbs breaking. So I'll leave this to all the brave souls out there.

This Work Realization

Frustrated woman sitting at a computer
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"Stay at a job I’m unhappy at."

I hear you loud and clear on that one. I've done that quite a few times. Granted, I didn't have much choice as it was the only job available at the time, but still, in the end, it didn't work out anyway.

Wow, how did you like those answers?

Woman saying "I don't think that's a good idea."
Giphy | Martin

Did any of them surprise you? There were definitely some that I, for one, can completely relate to, that's right. For example, it's never a good idea to stay in a relationship that isn't working or a job that you hate. In the end, it's just a waste of time, and you'll regret it later. Have you done anything in the past you would never attempt again?

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