TikToker Catches 'Work Snitch' In Video, Prompting Convo About Etiquette

Ashley Hunte
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There's always one, isn't there? That work snitch who decides to get you in trouble for no reason at all. Like, they have nothing to gain apart from a reputation of being a buzzkill.

One such workplace snitch got caught on camera.

In a TikTok uploaded by @itsjustme_cheryl, we see her filming herself preparing deserts, while a coworker walks by.

In a caption, she writes, "when the workplace snitch catches you recording a TikTok."

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It's weird to think that someone would want to snitch on you for...doing your job. Even if you are recording it at the same time.

The comments were concerned with Cheryl's employment.

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After all, you never know what weird things could get you fired from a job.

TikTok user @jenmarie.t asked Cheryl if she got in trouble.

Cheryl replied to that comment with a follow up video.

In her update (which was uploaded pretty quickly after the initial video), she explains that she hasn't gotten in trouble as of then.

From the looks of it, she didn't end up getting in trouble, which is good.

Commenters on both videos were pretty empathetic.

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Nobody likes a work snitch, after all.

"When they do things like this, it shows how threatening you are. You’re capable of going far and they know it and hate you for it," @kennedyaversa commented.

Some were even pointing out that this kind of exposure would be good for business.

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"Brands pay lots of money for people to make TikToks for them. They should be thanking you," wrote @thatonewiththeface.

In a way, Cheryl is kind of doing her job a favor.

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It's not like she's slacking off or anything, either. That snitch has no reason to try and get her in trouble.

There shouldn't be rules that go against having fun at work.

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@ginjersnapz commented, "Shoot as manager myself as long as you are getting work done TikTok away. My day shift cook streams on Twitch some and idk bc he gets his work done."

And really, the only ones bugging out are the snitches anyway.

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When you nitpick and tattle on your coworkers for every little thing they do, you're just creating a more stressful environment for everyone else. No reason to snitch unless you witness an actual issue.

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