People Are Sharing The Most Out Of Touch Things They've Heard Anyone Say

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Were you once with it? Did they then change what 'it' was, and now what you're with isn't 'it' anymore?

It'll happen to all of us eventually. If you're wondering whether you're out of touch, scroll through the r/AskReddit thread, "What's the most out of touch thing you've heard a person say?" and assess whether or not you feel seen.

Murder is just a rite of passage.

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"'He wasn't a great father and didn't see them often, I don't know why they would be so upset' - Regarding my children (aged 11, 9 and 6 at the time) struggling to understand their father's murder."


Think it through.

Wheelchair parking
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"'Why don't you live on disability?' as a response to disabled people complaining about local government cutting back programs designed for making gainful employment accessible."


Big brain time.

"It's a lot racist" gif
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"I grew up super poor, like going days without eating kinda poor, all because my mom legit thought welfare was only for 'unwed black mothers.' She never called anybody to confirm that, never asked around. She wouldn't apply for reduced school lunches either because that was 'ghetto.' Imagine being so racist and buying into the 'welfare queen' lie so hard that you let your own children starve."


Eww, bus people.

A city bus
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"Suggested someone take the bus to save on gas prices. They responded 'Ew, do you know what kind of people take the bus?'

"Yeah, working class people. And also me?"


When you just can't.

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"I was telling my boss how proud I was my husband got a new job (he's legally blind) And... she proceeds to tell me that she wishes she had a disability so she could just get handed a job... Had to walk away from that one."


It's almost like playgrounds aren't for adults.

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"My old neighbours didn't see the point of taking their kids (3 and 6/7) to the playground nearby, or anywhere for that matter, because he 'found it boring.' The 2 kids spent every day in the house in front of the TV.

"'Why would we go the playground? I find it boring.'"


Words of questionable wisdom.

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"He told me 'as long as you’re dating someone better looking than you, you’re going to have to get used to me being hit on or having something on the side. You’re going to have to date an ugly guy for that loyalty.'"


Yeah, sure, kid.

"That is exactly what a super rich person would say" gif
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"I was working at a school for the kids of the 1% and we were discussing what a millionaire was, one example I gave was owning property or assets worth a million or over and the kid replied; 'oh, so everyone is a millionaire then?'"



Zoom meeting on a computer screen
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"'I wish we could make work from home possible for our business, but unfortunately we cannot' - said in a meeting over Zoom, poolside, while working from home."


Wisdom from a millionaire.

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"Had a millionaire tell me it was so great that even though we could all be making much more than we were at our nonprofit, we stayed 'for the kids' because 'who needs money when your job is rewarding?'"


Game, set and match.

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"Back in college the entire class had a 10 minute argument with one student who didn't understand that not every country has citizenship by birth laws like the U.S. does. The professor held off jumping in for about five minutes to watch us explain it to her but couldn't take it anymore and figured the student would finally believe it when she said it. Nope, she started arguing with the professor too. The total out of touch part came when she finally conceded with, 'Well that's stupid. They should just do things the way we do them here.'"


I've got a chocolate guy.

Box of chocolates
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"'Who is your chocolatier?'

"I was at an open house looking for a new property and two women were discussing their favorite restaurants. One asked this question and I remembered that some people just live such different lives."


Just share your living space with raw sewage.

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"Half of my apartment flooded with raw sewage and the manager was like 'It's not that bad, it's not uninhabitable.'"


If money isn't everything, then let's trade salaries.

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"Recently got a new job that paid double what I used to make. When I resigned my former boss told me money isn't everything lol. I was only making minimum wage before"


Harassment wasn't a thing in the olden days.

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"Remember my granddad telling me about getting a job when I was 15. He said 'You gotta be persistent. Keep going in every day and ask for a chance, they'll admire your persistence and dedication and you'll get it eventually.' It felt backwards but I tried it and to this day I'm still barred from that pub because I was harassing the manager."


Hate babysitting my own kids.

Dad with kid
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"I had a guy at work complain to me that he couldn't go play golf that weekend because he had to babysit his kids. I said you know most people just call that being a father right?"


So is it, like...a conspiracy?

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"The most unusual thing I heard from my friend is that he seriously thinks that menstruation doesn't exist."


Oh come on, how much can travelling really cost?

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"Had a friend in dental school who grew up in the rich suburbs north of Detroit. We were talking about traveling (she was going to Thailand for spring break) and she said 'I’d be surprised if most people hadn’t travelled to at least 20 countries.' I told her I’d be surprised if most people had ever left the US at all."


Sensitivity 101.

Two people talking
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"'Aren’t you a bit too old to have a grandma?' A neighbor when I told her my grandma just passed away."


Times are tough for everyone.

Jon Stewart wiping his tears with money

"During a break room discussion on how one of my co-workers was having to go on food stamps because the job didn't pay enough, the new CEO who for the first (and last) time decided to have lunch in the break room, dropped this gem:

'Yeah, I know what you mean. We had to let our second nanny go.'"


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