Twitter Accuses Amy Schumer Of Stealing Fellow Comedian's Joke For The Oscars

Taylor Sakellis
amy schumer
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One of the main critiques I've heard about Amy Schumer is that she has been accused of stealing jokes. To be fair, we all kind of live in an echo chamber now, don't we? Anytime I have a thought, I wonder if it's actually one of my own, original musings, or if it's just a regurgitation of something I read on Twitter or Instagram.

As it turns out, Amy may have recently had one of those moments, which is fine, except it happened in front of the whole WORLD!

Sunday night's Oscars were hosted by three hilarious women — Regina Hall, Wanda Sykes, and Amy Schumer.

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As far as Oscar hosts go, I thought the trio did a great job and actually gave the audience, and viewers at home, some genuine laughs.

Amy Schumer even came out as Spider-Man at one point.

I mean, come on, you have to love that, right? Even if not every joke landed, most of them got some really great chuckles (especially out of me).

One of Amy's most successful jokes poked fun at Leonardo DiCaprio and his notorious dating history.

In case you didn't know Leo has a history of dating women quite younger than him. It's not the first time, and I'm sure it won't be the last time that he's made the butt of a joke.

“Leonardo DiCaprio is doing so much for the planet,” the comedian said.


She then added: "He will leave it in a better shape for his girlfriends."

While the audience, and myself, gave Amy a good chuckle, some people were set off on Twitter.

Comedian Nicole Conlan tweeted a similar sentiment back in December, saying: " Leonardo DiCaprio is so passionate about climate change because he wants to leave a better word for his girlfriends."

People quickly pointed out the similarities between the two tweets and began accusing Amy of joke stealing.

Of course, there is a large team that works on the script for a show this massive.

I'm doubtful Amy herself made the decision to "steal" this joke if she was even aware of it before!

amy schumer
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I don't even think any of this will end up reaching her ears, but if it does...well, you know I'll be letting you know ALL about it.