Regina Hall Patting Down Jason Momoa Is Every Woman's Dream

Taylor Sakellis
jason momoa pat down
twitter | The Oscars

In the words of that viral TikTok sound you've most likely overheard from your teen's cellphone, "the pandemic isn't over just because you're over ittttttttt." Of course, things are a lot more normal than they were two years ago, but there's still a pandemic going on, which means COVID-19 protocols should still be followed, especially at major events like The Oscars.

Thankfully, Oscars co-host Regina Hall is taking precautions into her own hands — literally — by giving Jason Momoa a COVID patdown on the Oscars stage.

In case you're not watching the Oscars, I'm here to keep you updated on the biggest events of the night.

So far, lots of people have won, lots of people have cried, and lots of people wore designer gowns.

Oh, and co-host Regina Hall got to pat down Jason Momoa.

YEP, you read that last sentence right — JASON PATDOWN!

Regina Hall got to live out every woman's fantasy by giving Jason a "COVID patdown" as she called it.

Of course, every single viewer at home was jealous of Ms. Hall and her lucky hands.

"Did something of importance happen in the #Oscars for the past five minutes or so?" tweeted one fan.

"I blacked out because my brain couldn't decide if I wanted to be Jason Momoa being felt up by Regina Hall or Regina Hall feeling up Jason Momoa," they added.

Does it hurt to know Ms. Hall got to live out my fantasy? Yes.

However, I'm just glad I got to see it play out.

Now don't mind me, I'm off to watch this scene 10 more times.