Anthony Hopkins, 84, Proves He's Still Got The Moves As He Gets Ready For The Oscars

Taylor Sakellis
anthony hopkins dancing
twitter | @anthonyhopkins

There are few celebrities that ever make me so much as bat an eyelash these days, but if there's one big-time Hollywood celeb that I genuinely am invested in, it's Sir Anthony Hopkins.

The actor, best known for his role in Silence of the Lambs and for secretly dating Martha Stewart, is showing us he's still got the moves while getting ready for Sunday night's Oscar awards.

Let's just say it — Sir Anthony Hopkins is the most adorable man in Hollywood.

anthony hopkins
Giphy | The Academy Awards

I love and adore everything he does, and if you're not following this British actor on social media, you're missing out big time.

Thankfully for you all, I am here to keep you updated on everything that's going on that's relevant to us fine folks.

anthony hopkins
Giphy | 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

And tonight, I'm showing you Anthony Hopkin's dance moves before he hit up the Oscar red carpet.

"Getting ready," Anthony captioned the video of him cutting a rug.

Now, I hope that he has set himself up for the best time ever tonight — because I know he will be the highlight for me and many others!