Woman Turned Her Birthmark Into Life-Changing Tattoo

Lex Gabrielle
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Many people are born with birthmarks or develop scars that make them feel self-conscious and insecure about their bodies.

Many feel as though these pieces on their body can be "mistakes" or even insecurities that they wish were not there. They hate that people look at them, question them, or even point it out at all. Sometimes, it can cause a lot of emotional and mental trauma and problems.

There are many ways that people cope with their insecurities.

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When individuals have parts of themselves that they are insecure and unhappy with, they oftentimes try to find ways to cope. For many, hiding these parts of themselves is what works best for them. However, that can put someone in a box—where they can't truly express themself much.

There are other ways that people deal with their insecurities, though.

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For those who have scars, blemishes, and birthmarks, there are other ways to deal with them. Some people choose to take something they once thought was "ugly" and turn it into something wonderful and beautiful—like, by getting a tattoo.

There are even tattoo artists who specialize in this.

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When you get a tattoo, you want to go to someone who specializes in the specific request and style that you want to get done. For people who want to get their scars turned into a beautiful tattoo, going to someone who does this professionally and often is important.

One tattoo artist even turns self-harm scars into art.

Whitney Develle is just one artist who tattoos individuals who have self-harm scars for free, so that they can turn their pain into something beautiful that they love. What was once a huge insecurity and issue for them turned into something beautiful and special.

Now, many others are doing the same.

Many others have been doing this, as well—turning something that they once saw as ugly into something that is beautiful and special. As with all tattoos, it becomes one of the "favorite" parts of their body.

One TikTok user has been sharing some of her own insecurities and traumas on her TikTik page.

Health Coach
TikTok | TikTok l feel.and.heal.with.me

Quinn, who is a holistic health coach, shares videos about her life and also advice for others who are going through similar struggles with their body, their health, and their relationship with food. She introduces herself on her channel as someone looking to help others.

She showcases how she learns to love and honor her body.

Health coach
TikTok | TikTok l feel.and.heal.with.me

On her TikTok channel, she shows the various ways that she has "honored" her body and showcased all of her insecurities through art and other venues. One video showcases a ceramics sculpture that she made to represent her trauma and her body's journey.

In another video, she shared how she learned to love the birthmark she was born with.

Health Coach
TikTok | TikTok l feel.and.heal.with.me

In the video, she shared that she was "so self-conscious about her birthmark" that she would never wear shorts. She didn't want people to see it or ask about it. But, then she decided to turn her birthmark into a sunflower. Now, it's her "favorite tattoo" and part of her body.

Quinn also shares how she has "grown" from her journey.

Health Coach
TikTok | TikTok l feel.and.heal.with.me

Quinn is very open and honest on her TikTok about the steps she has taken to be at peace with her body, rather than at war. The health coach shares she had "gained weight" due to an eating disorder, but it was healthy for her because she finally became happy with her body.

If you're struggling with your own relationship with your body, try some ways to learn to love yourself.

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If Quinn's tattoo and story have taught us anything, it's that sometimes we may see something as huge insecurity—but, we can find ways to make them beautiful, too. Getting a tattoo over a piece of us we hate can make us learn to love it all over again.