Women Share What Will Be The First Thing They Teach Their Daughters

Lex Gabrielle
mom and daughter
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Women go through many life experiences that they take with them and eventually, share with their children. As moms, we have a responsibility to raise our children to understand life and know what to do in certain situations.

When we have daughters, we raise them to know and understand specific things as a woman that they will need to know. Some of these conversations are hard, but they're needed.

Proper bathroom use.

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Relative_Dimensions, like all parents, teach their daughter how to use the potty. But, as a woman, there are specific ways you have to wipe. You have to always wipe front to back, not back to front. If you wipe back to front, you risk getting an infection from bacteria.


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SoleIbis shared that consent and boundaries are two of the most important things to teach young women. Girls need to understand that it's okay to put up boundaries and say no is okay and should be done whenever they feel it is needed.

Know your worth.

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shyrmnq said teaching her daughter that she is worth everything in the world is so important to her. She wants her daughter to know that she deserves the best things in life and she should never feel as though she has to settle for anything less than that.

That she will always be there, no matter what.

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GeorgianPeaches said made sure that her daughter knew that no matter what happens in life, she can always turn to her and come to her when she needs her mom. She will never stray, go anywhere, or judge her in moments of need.

Looks aren't everything.

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"That her looks aren't what matter. People tend to sacrifice some of the comfort for little girls to look pretty, while they choose comfy clothes for boys. [expletive] that. I'll give her comfortable clothes that she can play in as long as it's my choice only, then let her choose," said observendespise.

Boys don't pick on you because they like you.

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wachailymay said that they taught their daughter when boys hit you or pick on you, hit back. As young girls, so many times we are told boys pick on us because they like us—but, as adults, that turns into abuse and domestic violence.

Always speak up.

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Immediate_Arm_9365 said that she told her daughter to always speak up and realize her voice has volume and power. Never let anyone silence you and tell you that what you have to say does not matter.

Don't keep secrets.

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halcat27 revealed that she taught her daughter that "safe adults" don't ask you to keep secrets. In fact, if an adult wants you to keep a secret, that is a major red flag and should always be pointed out and told on.

Financial intelligence.

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Lucilda1125 said that she wants to teach her daughter how to manage her own money and be in charge of her own finances. Also, she wants to put her in MMA classes so she can always be able to defend herself in any situation.

Good self-image.

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"Confidence and a good self-image will be my first priority. It’s what I lacked as long as I can remember and has affected me the most into adulthood. I think that if I can see my daughter as a confident young woman (as much as she can be in today’s world, at least), my heart will feel good," shared brbel.

Your safety and comfort come first.

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PrestigiousAd3081 said she taught her daughter that her safety and her comfort come before anyone else's, especially men. No matter what society says, you have to always do what you feel most comfortable with and if you don't feel safe, say no and leave.

If anything should happen, she is not to blame.

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"If she's ever assaulted in any manner or form by family, a stranger, colleague, friend etc it was never her fault. So many victims are taught that it's their fault because they wore something that made the perpetrator believe that she "wanted" it," shared Quick_Crab_2331.

To enjoy food.

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Long-Eye-1491 shared she wants to teach her daughter to enjoy food and have a healthy relationship with it. So often society looks down on those who eat too much or enjoy carbs and other snacks, she wants her daughter to love her body and love her food.

Be who you are.

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NuttyDounuts14 said she wants her daughter to know she doesn't have to fit into a "box" and be who other people want her to be. Instead, she should be who she truly is and truly feels she is.