Bride Loses Wedding Guests After Surprising Them With Secret Dinner Fee

Mason Joseph Zimmer
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Unless we're very closer to a soon-to-be-married couple, it's hard to tell how a wedding will go until we actually get there.

But without meaning to, some couples will get aggressive or greedy enough in their messages before the big day that they warn us about how miserable of a time we're about to have. And as we've seen time and time again, that goes double for those in the wedding party.

However, not everyone is so unintentionally revealing and they'll be able to slip an obvious turn-off past us after we've already responded to the invite.

Of course, we're about to see that devious moves like these are a little lacking in the "evil genius" department judging by how badly a galling request turned out for one bridezilla.

At first, the woman we're about to hear from was excited to attend her friend's wedding.

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As she said in a Facebook post that was reuploaded to Reddit, the invitation was beautiful and provided options for dinner that she and her plus one selected well ahead of time.

But while the follow-up message she received started off similarly sweet, the woman soon learned that she had been lulled into a false sense of security.

That's because the bride had neglected to mention that she expected the couple to pay $150 for the meals they would receive.

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And her response when the woman asked about this was belligerent, to say the least.

As the woman relayed, "Who are you to ask about what I'm doing for my wedding? I don't understand why all of these folks are declining after my calls to them like we're supposed to pay for everybody to damn eat."

The woman had never heard of anyone passing that cost onto to the guests and suspected the bride knew exactly what she was doing here.

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Still, she was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt enough to help fill in why so many guests were scared away by this dinner fee.

As she put it, "Darling, it's in poor taste to have sent invites, received RSVPs, and follow up voice notes to pay for the meal. Had the invite been printed with the caveats beforehand, your invited guests could decide from there on whether or not they are to attend."

She also said she didn't appreciate the bride's tone since she was genuinely asking why this hidden fee existed.

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In response, the bride told her she could either pay or not come so the woman declined and told her to have a nice life.

Considering the choice the bride forced her guests to make, was it really so hard for her to understand why so many picked the option that didn't involve being taken advantage of?

Since the bride will likely now have to pay for a whole lot of food that won't even be eaten, it's safe to say she played herself.

h/t: Reddit | Ldeezy