I Highly Relate To The Women Who Are Sharing What Makes Them Irrationally Angry

Sarah Kester
Rosa from Brooklyn 99
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Chipped nails, the scale not moving, running out of toilet paper — these are all things that make a woman angry. She may feel bad for a bit, but she’ll won’t (hopefully) have a Godzilla-level freakout. 

But irrationally angry? Oh, buddy. Watch out! There are many things that can set this off, like bad drivers, too many people talking at once, and more. 

See how many of these triggers you can relate to!

People staring at you

Joe and Love from You
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It doesn't matter if it's your boyfriend or a stranger on a bus. Both are enough to make you feel super uncomfortable and angry! It definitely prompts a snarky reply, like "take a picture, it lasts longer."

Overlapping noises

Unsplash | Priscilla Du Preez

"For example, you're listening to music and your phone rings and it's a different song, and now they're both playing. That makes me want to jump out of the nearest window." - u/Forward_Spinach5877

Hearing someone chew food


Ugh, the misophonia! This is a condition where people experience disgust from the sound of people chewing. One woman lived with someone who would chew so badly, their blood would be boiling from anger.

More than one person talking to you at once

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"I hate this when I'm on the phone at home. SO or others can see and hear that I'm having a phone conversation. I try to explain that while I have two ears, I only have one brain. I can't talk to both of you!" - u/Over_Unit_7722

When you get caught on a doorknob

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This could be the loop of your jeans or the cords of your headphones. Regardless, it's jarring to be stuck suddenly. It makes some people want to rip the door off its hinges!

Walking behind slow people

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"Whyyyyyy do they always walk dead-center on the sidewalk? Road rules. Stay right and I'll pass on the left. It could be so simple." - u/blackgown It really is like road rage but worse!

When you're not angry, but someone says that you are

Rosa on Brooklyn 99
Fandom | NBC

This bugs one Redditor to her core. Since she has Resting Bitch Face, she always has coworkers asking, “why are you upset?” when they're just checking their emails.


Unsplash | Julien L

"Just seeing litter on the ground is enough in general too… I saw someone fling a burning cigarette butt out of their car at a stop light today and I just wanted to get out and fling it back in." - u/lissahere

When someone spells your name wrong in an email


If it's a difficult name to spell, we get it. But there's really no excuse when the email address literally HAS your name in it, as well as on your email signature. Like WTF?!

People talking on speaker phone in public

Unsplash | Patricia Zavala

"As well as arguing on speaker phone. I have no interest in your Convo. I just want to take the bus home and relax. Also same situation but blasting their music. I don't want to hear your music." - u/NY_QT

Loud engines

Unsplash | Yuvraj Singh

Sorry to break it to you, fellas: a loud engine is NOT sexy. One Redditor wrote that they could be in the best mood and the sound of a loud engine would instantly piss them off.

Getting caught in the wind


"Something about my hair blowing in both my mouth and my eyes, my eyes watering, wardrobe malfunctions, and looking like a fool trying to fix it all pisses me off. I’d rather be in rain than freaking wind!" - u/SadRobot_NoIceCream

People who try to talk when you have the radio on

Orange is the New Black
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The music is on for a reason! It isn't so we can both yell over the music. Then, the person might turn down the music, which is even more annoying since, let's be real, we much rather jam out than talk.


Unsplash | Andres Siimon

"When people smoke around me. I usually keep it in me but I [expletive] hate cigarettes. They stink, make my asthma flare up, and are bad for ecology and our bodies. They should be banned completely like hard drugs." - u/VelvetValor

People who smell for no good reason other than laziness

Bad smell
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Basic hygiene rules exist for a reason! It doesn't take that long to shower daily, brush your teeth, or put on deodrant.

Loud children and babies

Unsplash | Ben Wicks

"Whatever instinct makes others react in a maternal/paternal manor has completely escaped me. It straight up triggers my fight or flight response and I have to leave. I'm used to being called an [expletive] for this but honestly idgaf because there's literally nothing I can do about it." - u/critiqu3

The TV remote getting lost

Giphy | HULU

You always seem to lose it at the wrong times, like when you're about to eat dinner with a show. It also triggers rage to your partner or kids, as you assume that they must've been the ones to lose it.

Being asked to do something that you were already planning to do

Rosa from Brooklyn 99
Fandom | NBC

"Sometimes I’ll be IN THE MIDDLE of washing dishes and my dad will come and look at the stuff I haven’t gotten to yet and be like, 'are you gonna wash this pot?' UUUMMM NO I just filled the sink up with soap and water to wash one cup and then go to bed!" - u/Current_Material3899

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