Kate Middleton's Gorgeous Green Gown Holds Hidden Tribute To Princess Diana

Taylor Sakellis
kate middleton prince william
Getty Images | Samir Hussein

Kate Middleton is known for having an envy-worthy wardrobe. She's also known for her philanthropic efforts, being a fabulous mom to three beautiful children, and oh, just THE FUTURE QUEEN OF ENGLAND.

Do you know who else was known for a similar array of things? The late Princess Diana.

Recently, fans noticed a link between the pair in a stunning gown Kate wore to an event during her Caribbean tour.

Being the Duchess of Cambridge means Kate Middleton has a team of people working around the clock to ensure she always has the perfect outfits.

kate middleton
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Oh, to be a Royal! I wish my hardest decision was figuring out what I'm going to wear these days.

However, the flip side of that coin means always having to go to events and, you know, talking to people all day which does sound totally exhausting.

However, if I wore beautiful couture gowns the whole time, I think I might be able to manage it.

Recently, HRH was spotted wearing a green gown while visiting Jamaica that reminded a lot of fans of an iconic dress worn by her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana.

kate middleton
Getty | Samir Hussein

The stunning emerald green Jenny Packham ball gown was an homage to the vibrant color in Jamaica's flag.

Fans quickly noticed Kate had fascinated a brooch of the Queen to her dress.

As for the dress itself, it held a more hidden tribute for Kate's late mother-in-law Princess Diana, who wore very similar gowns during her time as a Royal.

When I think of Princess Diana, I always think of her gorgeous emerald green gowns — just like this one:

Princess Diana
Getty Images | Princess Diana Archive

I love that Kate is always thinking of her mother-in-law when she's dressing up for important events — it's a great way to keep her memory alive!