Woman Discovers She Filmed Boyfriend At Disneyland 6 Months Before They Met

Mason Joseph Zimmer
woman wearing minnie mouse ears at Disneyland
TikTok | @anyssatano

It really is a small world after all.

A couple of realities that many of us face time and time again is that the world is full of incredible coincidences and that we never really know where and how we'll find the ones we love.

And while there are many ways that the world can suddenly feel small to us, one of the most wholesome and surprising coincidences we'll see from time to time involves couples somehow managing to get their partners on camera before they even meet them.

But for one woman, it's hard not to see a little Disney magic sprinkled into the fact that the man who made her day special a few years ago would become an even bigger part of her life before either of them realized it.

Anyssa Martinez grew up in a family that went to Disneyland every year and she's just as big a fan of the place as an adult as she was during her childhood.

woman wearing Minnie Mouse ears at Disneyland
TikTok | @anyssatano

And since she told Insider they all have a particular fondness for the Main Street Electrical Parade, that was something they made a point of seeing together when her family visited Martinez in 2019 while she was studying in southern California.

And although the sky had become quite dark by the time the parade took place, that didn't stop Martinez from catching the eye of one cast member.

As we can see in a now-viral TikTok Martinez uploaded on March 15, the pumpkin carriage driver during the Cinderella portion of the parade waved at her and tipped his hat to her.

In Martinez's words, "So I was really surprised that someone performing in that part of the parade noticed me, especially with it being so dark. It just made me feel really special."

And that special feeling would arise all over again six months later while that driver named Nathan was browsing Instagram one day.

couple putting their heads together and looking happy in TikTok video
TikTok | @anyssatano

As he explained in a follow-up video, an unrelated post by Martinez happened to show up on his Explore page in early 2020 and since he thought she was cute, he followed her.

After she responded to a post Nathan made about Disneyland's Star Wars attraction, the two hit it off and after a year of taking things slow due to the pandemic, they decided to meet up for real in 2021.

But while Nathan also remembered waving to her back in 2019, neither of them had realized who each other were until Martinez went through her old videos.

couple walking with face masks on at Disneyland
TikTok | @anyssatano

As Martinez put it, "I sent it to him and he said, 'Yeah that's definitely me!' It was fate."

The couple is still going strong a year after moving in together and Disney remains a big part of their bond. So naturally, once the Electrical Parade starts up again, they're going to take it in together.

In Martinez's words, "I feel like it's a theme in a lot of Disney movies where characters go on really crazy adventures and meet important people when they're not looking for them. And it's true — love comes when you least expect it."

h/t: Insider