Bridgerton Is More Than Just Eye Candy: We Finally Have A Good Love Story To Watch Again

Taylor Sakellis
instagram | IMDb

I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am to tell you all that Bridgerton is officially back for season two today. After waiting for 15 months, we finally get to see this beautiful British family back in all their prestigious glory.

However, it doesn't just mean we're getting to watch beautiful people — this show is romantic AF.

I remember where I was the day we learned the Duke of Hastings would not be returning for the second season.


At first, of course, we were all gutted beyond belief. However, after a while I started warming to the idea of watching eldest Bridgerton brother, Anthony, finding love.

Now, the day has finally come to see how the Bridgertons and the Featheringtons react to the new family in town!

With so many exciting new additions to the show, it's easy to see why the second season has already gotten rave reviews.

To be fair, how could it NOT?

Fans love "Bridgerton" because it's been written with the perfect combo of mystery, love, hilarity, and drama.


Plus, you know I'll be looking out for that silly sex scene prop we've heard so much about recently.

Now don't mind me — I'm off to binge the whole season.