Heartwarming Pics Of Dogs Before And After Adoption

Jordan Claes
Dog before and after adoption.
reddit | animatedrussian

Dogs and human beings have forged a very special kindred relationship over the millennia. They are our proverbial best friends, our furry guardians, and playful protectors.

Yet for some reason, certain people seem content to mistreat and abuse these loving innocent creatures. So today, we're looking at photos of doggos before versus after they were adopted into their fur-ever homes.

This just makes me want to cry.

Before and after dog adoption.
reddit | ledronjames

The good news is that mom and all of her pups survived and were all rescued and sent to happy homes and good families. It's despicable to think that someone would ever abandon an animal in such a vulnerable state.

How could you ever turn away from that face?

Before and after dog adoption.
reddit | phil2146

In the photo on top, this dog is so thin that you can literally count each one of its rib bones. It warms my heart to know that this good boy's new family makes sure he gets all he needs to eat.

Human beings truly don't deserve dogs.

Dog before and after adoption.
instagram | @harper_and_gravy

"One year ago today we adopted Harper from the Fairfax Animal Shelter. She had been adopted and returned at least three times in the first year of her life and looked alone, scared and confused." - Instagram/@harper_and_gravy

From a stray in the streets to a puppy dog prince.

Before and after dog adoption.
reddit | Coolmorecooties

Reddit user Coolmorecooties found this incredibly tiny and cute husky puppy all by its lonesome, dirty, scared, and wandering the streets. As you can clearly see, things are going a lot better compared to how they started.

The sweetest, tiniest little guy.

Before and after dog adoption.
instagram | @carrie.613

"We found Teddy’s shelter picture and it’s heartbreaking. We’re so glad he came into our lives and is letting his sweet, goofy personality shine! Hopefully[sic] he knows that he’ll be safe, clean, fed, and loved for the rest of his life." - Instagram/@carrie.613

From cellmates to lifelong best buds!

Dogs before and after adoption.
Imgur | unknown

When Redditor RecurrentlyDisturb walked into the shelter and saw these two pups cowering in the corner, they couldn't bear the thought of separating them. Instead, they decided to simply adopt the two of them!

What's the story, wishbone?

Before and after dog adoption.
reddit | Awesoome

According to the post made by Reddit user Awesoome, this sweet little pooch wandered by their sister's donkey sanctuary — starving and very near death. The sister then sent this adorable angel to live with her brother, and now she's thriving.

Nothing beats a nice swim in your own backyard.

Dogs before and after adoption.
reddit | besidethebed

Ripley, the dog, went from sleeping on the streets of Iran to living like a king in the USA. As you can tell from that big smile, he's living the high life.

Tennis balls are for eating.

Dog before and after adoption
reddit | missblueyouwho

Seeing this photo makes me hope that there's a special ring of hell reserved for people who abuse animals.Seeing this cute boy chewing happily on a tennis ball is exactly what I need to get me through the rest of my week.

Hank is the little puppy that could.

Dog before and after adoption.
reddit | thecoiner

Before Hank found his permanent home, he was living in the shelter after having been abused and abandoned. He was prone to timidness at first, but after receiving lots of love and patience from his new owner — it's like he's a brand new dog.

How do you say "Good boy!" in Romanian?

Dog before and after adoption.
Imgur | LittleMissZombiebait

"Meet Kasper! He's only a pup and travelled[sic] all the way from Romania to join us in the UK. Has yet to integrate and learn the language. Very good boy nonetheless." - Imgur/LittleMissZombiebait

Can I be your best friend?

Dog before and after adoption.
reddit | animatedrussian

Would you just look at the conditions this dog was kept in? Forced to sleep on a piece of newspaper inside a cold steel box — it's disgusting. I couldn't be more thrilled to see the progress this little white-socked wonder has made.

The look of trust and complete satisfaction.

Dog before and after adoption.
reddit | Echo_hello_world

It's amazing how much can happen in just one week. That's all it took for this adorable little fella to go from a scared and timid pup to a snoozing floof-monster.

Can I have a treat, EH?

Dog before and after adoption.
reddit | deleted

This Reddit user adopted this adorable pup while on vacation in Mexico. Apparently, the litter was found abandoned in the jungle, in terrible shape healthwise. Luckily, the pups were able to be nursed back to health and now this little guy is enjoying his new life as a Canadian!

All you need is love.

Dog before/after adoption.
reddit | priceisalright

The image on the left is hard to look at. It's a horrific reminder of the depravity human beings are capable of. Thankfully, the skin rash has cleared up and that fur coat is looking crisp as fallen snow.