I Rounded Up Some Harmless Pranks For April Fools' Day

Sarah Kester
Jim from The Office
Time | NBC

After the last few years we've had, I'm sure we can all agree that we could use some laughter in our lives.

That's where April Fools' Day comes in. It's basically Christmas for the pranksters of the world!

But while there are certain pranks you should stay away from — like an insensitive fake pregnancy announcement or faking an illness or death — almost everything else is fair game.

So, to help you pull off the best April Fools' yet, I've rounded up some harmless pranks!

The glitter surprise

Unsplash | Sharon McCutcheon

Ah, glitter. It's fun to look at, but not so much fun to clean up. That's why it's the perfect item to fill into an envelope and send to someone, or you could hire a service to do it.

The broken TV

Want to watch your dad go into full-on meltdown mode? If you're brave enough, try this prank that involves casting a broken TV screen to his TV. From there, make a loud banging sound and then watch as he discovers his beloved TV is "broken."

The JELL-O surprise

Giphy | April Fools' Day

Jim from The Office would be so proud of this JELL-O prank! Simply whip up some JELL-O, let it set in a glass so it looks like a glass of juice, and then watch as your kids struggle to drink it through a straw.

The broken door

Forget push or pull! Confuse your co-workers or customers even more by adding a "please use other door" sign with an arrow pointing to the door that doesn't open.

The rearranged kitchen


Do you know that feeling of not knowing where things are in someone else's kitchen? What if you felt that in your own home?

Put that on your victim by switching everything around so they find a garlic press when looking for a fork!

The credit card

This prank is perfect to try on your boyfriend or husband! Pretend to get a call from Gucci and tell them to charge a $7,000 item to the last four digits of their credit card. Priceless!

The googly eyes

Seeing as how we all open the fridge several times per day, this prank is guaranteed to work.

Simply add googly eyes to everything you see in the fridge, so every item stares back at them.

The Andy

You know how in Toy Story all the toys drop and play dead when someone yells, "Andy's coming!" This prank is all about that. So gather some of your friends and try it at home or in public.

The cream cheese paste

Unsplash | Diana Polekhina

We all do it in the morning (or at least we should) so why not make it fun?! Swap out their normal toothpaste for something that looks like toothpaste, such as cream cheese or vanilla icing. Certainly not what the dentist recommended...

The caramel onion

Caramel apple
Unsplash | Henry Becerra

If you were to see something round and sugary on a stick, you'd automatically assume it's a caramel apple, right? Well, what if you changed the apple to be an onion instead! Perfect prank.

The back crack

Giphy | April Fools' Day

This one will make your victim majorly freaked out. You simply grab two pieces of pasta and hide them in your mouth.

Have the person crack your back and when they do, bite down on the pasta. They will assume that they did something very wrong.

The urgent note

Sticky note
Unsplash | Paper Textures

If there's ever a sentence you don't want to hear, it's "we need to talk."

So, naturally, you need to leave a sticky note with that sentence on your co-worker's computer. Then, sit back and watch the panic set in.

The shaved eyebrows

Joey's eyebrows
Giphy | Friends

TikTok cures boredom and gives you great prank ideas.

Ask a man in your life if you could tweeze or shape their eyebrows and pretend to do so. Then, turn on the "thin eyebrows" filter on TikTok so they think that you went way overboard.

The wrong date

Unsplash | Towfiqu barbhuiya

Remember when Jim from The Office convinced Dwight that it was Friday instead of Thursday? Do the same with your unsuspecting victim by changing the date on their phone and computer.

The fake touchscreen

While a touchscreen TV would be cool, this prank about it is even cooler. Simply tell someone that it's touchscreen and use the remote as they move things around. They will feel severely embarrassed.

The donut fake-out

Donut box

Got some hungry coworkers? Prank them good by bringing in a box of Krispy Cream donuts and leaving it on the break counter. Then, watch as they open the box, horrified, to discover vegetables inside!

The shopping addiction

If your partner is already fed up with your love of online shopping, trick them into thinking that you've gone overboard. Fill your porch with TONS of empty boxes that look like real packages.

The dog prank

Pranking your dog is just as fun as pranking people! Simply call your dog's name when they're sitting right next to you and be prepared to watch their adorable freak-out.