People Share The 'Am I The Asshole?' Situations Their Cats Would Post

Ashley Hunte
A small kitten mid-yawn.
Unsplash | Loan

I think it's safe to say that owning a cat is not for the faint of heart. You have to be a special kind of person to be willing to put up with the mess and pain that comes with those cuddly creatures.

So when the Twitter crowd decided to make fake "Am I the Asshole?" posts about their cats, it was all painfully accurate.

Twitter user @ellle_em urged people to write their cats' stories, and wrote her own, too.

It's amazing how one tweet can turn into a cute (and hilarious) trend.

A cat who hates kids.

Well, I guess it would be more accurate to say a cat who hates kittens. The funny thing about this is the fact that Gengar doesn't look sorry about her actions one bit.

Never leave a cat alone with an open cupboard.

I think it's safe to say that this "furry little bastard" was, in fact, the asshole. I guess it's the humans' fault for leaving him alone with an open cupboard. At least, that's what the cat would say.

A cat? Respect boundaries? No way!

I think whether this cat is the asshole or not all depends on what she's going to do once she gets to the other cat. For now though, I want to argue NTA.

"But I asked nicely!"

Definitely TA. Cats may not respect boundaries, but they have to at least let their humans sleep. Oh, who am I kidding? They're not going to do that, either.

You're lucky you're cute.

He may be a very handsome good boy, but that doesn't mean he gets to get away with throwing toys and chewing cables. He's the asshole. Handsome, but an asshole.

"You don't need it? It's mine now!"

On the plus side, this adorable cat's human doesn't need the rollator anymore. But... demanding rides? I dunno, I think it sounds like asshole behavior.

Doing it for the hams.

Definitely NTA. There's no harm in asking for hams every now and then. Hopefully he doesn't get it every time, even though that adorable face would be hard to say no to.

"It's called fashion!"

Poor kitty (who, by the way, is named Dogzilla, which is probably the best cat name ever!). NTA, but should probably learn why some doors are better left closed.

Working too much means less time for cats!

This kitty is NTA. In fact, she's kind of a hero. After all, you can't be stressed out at work if you skip work to pet your cat instead.

2022's hottest new decor trend:

This cat is definitely TA. Sure, there were probably some pretty important birds to look at outside the window, but now the humans are going to have to fix those blinds!

That's... got to hurt.

On one hand, I'm sure the cat didn't mean to hurt her human. But on the other hand, she was knocking things over. So, still TA.

Cat camo!

Definitely NTA in my opinion. It's not this poor kitty's fault she blends in with the carpet pattern. And let's face it, every pet is going to be underfoot if there's a chance they can get chicken.

Sounds evil to me.

Cats love to knock things to the ground for whatever reason. Which is mostly fine, unless it's something expensive, or something that'll make a mess (like coffee). In any case, it's total asshole behavior.

She's just a little lonely.

Of course Raven is NTA! She just wants people to be around her. All they have to do is go into the room with her, instead of waiting for her to come with them! Easy peasy.

It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it.

This little angel is totally TA. Sure, a little mud never hurt anyone, but on his human's bed? Gross and sad.

What's yours is actually mine.

I think it's safe to say this cat claimed that clothes pile as her own. It's going to take a lot more than a hamper to keep her away from them. NTA for sure.

A very needy big sister.

I think maybe she's TA. But only just a little bit. After all, the baby has no problem with her. But being loud during a baby's nap time is still pretty rude.

"I can't even read!"

This little kitten is NTA. It's not his fault the button is where he needs to stand, after all. And really, how can you work when you have a cute little kitten to play with?

If only we could stay home forever.

I would say NTA for scolding her humans when they leave for the day. But at the same time, TA for remembering random things to scold them about. No use in digging up the past, after all!