People Praise Waitress In Viral Video: 'This Waitress Did Everything Right.'

Ashley Hunte
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If you've worked in any kind of customer facing job, you know that the customer is not always right. Especially when it comes to disregarding rules.

When a waitress confronted a noncompliant customer, she was totally right.

In a TikTok posted by @santanahhh, a waitress for the Prohibition Bar & Restaurant in Utah can be seen and heard loudly talking to a patron.

Apparently, the customers refused to leave his seat, even though his reservation was up.

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She explains to the customers that the bar's website has strict time limits for reservations, and that they had to leave because their time was up.

Santana posted a follow-up video giving more context to the situation.

Apparently, the couple in the TikTok had a reservation, but wanted to sit closer to the in-house entertainment. The waitress okayed this, but told them they'd had to leave when the next reservation started.

While the couple agreed to that, they clearly turned back on their promise.

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The waitress's stern demeanor is definitely warranted in this case. These customers weren't following the rules, and then were totally rude about it!

Santana posted another TikTok showing that the couple finally left.

After more argument, the couple finally left — after their drinks were taken away and they were denied further service.

The internet is banding together in defense of the waitress.

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User @shelbyan commented on the first TikTok, "Post waitress’s Venmo so we can all tip her." Honestly? I would.

People applauded the waitress for not backing down.

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"I love when people get on posts like this calling waitresses unprofessional... apparently you've never had to work in the restaurant industry," commented @nicoleelizabeth773

“This waitress did everything right. Everyone has a breaking point and sometimes customers need to really feel the brunt of their actions," another commenter agreed.

It's pretty clear that the customers were out of line.

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"Never upset the people who bring you your dinner," said @dwaldroff.

At the end of the day, it's all about respect.

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That couple definitely learned the hard way that disrespecting workers and disregarding the rules isn't going to get you very far.

h/t: DailyDot