Fans Praise Kylie Jenner After She Shares 'Real' Postpartum Belly Pic

Taylor Sakellis
kylie jenner
instagram | @kyliejenner

I mean this in the most not shady way possible, but if you asked me who the celebrity I would congratulate for being real, Kylie would not be one of them. In my defense, she and her sisters are constantly being caught in photoshop scandals and have gotten several plastic surgery augmentations.

Now, however, Kylie seems to be turning a new page as she recently shared a candid pic many new moms can relate to.

Kylie Jenner is known for having a picture-perfect Instagram aesthetic.

kylie jenner
instagram | @kyliejenner

Kylie makes sure she edits her photos so she looks poreless and curvy in all the "right" places.

The 24-year-old goes to these extremes to make sure her 321 MILLION followers are entertained.

Of course, most of us can't even imagine what that much attention feels like, and I'm sure she feels pressure from the beauty standards she herself has helped perpetuate.

kylie jenner
instagram | @kyliejenner

However, it seems like the young mom is trying to make changes in how she portrays herself online.

Posting a clip of her new YouTube video dedicated to the birth of her son, Kylie shared a photo of his feet on top of her stomach.

kylie jenner stretch marks
instagram | @kyliejenner

As you can see, Kylie is showing off her pregnancy stretch marks with pride.

Fans loved the intimate photo and made sure to let Kylie know in the comments.

"the pic of your belly, i love you" wrote one fan.

"How real and raw photo number 8 is. Beautiful," said another.

"Showing how your real tummy looks PP rather than the usual unrealistic beauty standards>>>>>" said a different fan.

I think this is a great direction for Kylie to move in, and I hope the rest of her family does the same!