Body Language Expert Analyzes Prince William And Kate Middleton's Recent Royal Appearance

Taylor Sakellis
Prince William Kate Middleton
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Body language is so important — just ask my husband! He knows what kind of mood I'm in just by watching how I hold my coffee cup that day. If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a video speaks a thousand words a second... Don't quote me on that, though.

What I mean to say is, body language can tell us things without verbally telling us things.

I'm nosey, so I'll be honest, I absolutely love when the royal family gets their body language analyzed because, as we all know, that family is full of secrets!

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To be fair — isn't everyone's?

Recently, Prince William and Kate Middleton began their week-long tour of the Caribbean.

Their first stop was in Belize, where Kate looked like she had been kissed by the tropical paradise and William danced like no one was watching.

Now, a body language expert is weighing in on the public appearance, and I'm just dying to hear what they have to say!

Renowned expert Judi James told Express that the pair looked like they were working well together.

“Kate and William’s body language suggests they make an ideal team on this tour, each taking it in turns to step into the spotlight while the other looks on admiringly or encouragingly," she explained to the publication.

Judi explained that these signals to each other despite the hectic schedule are a "testament to the length and strength of their relationship."

Length is correct — these two have been together more than 20 years!

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After two decades of knowing one another, Judi believes they "get" each other so well that it sometimes seems like they're "reading one another’s minds."

Despite being a power couple, Judi believes Kate is the natural leader of the two.

“If William seeks attention it is primarily from Kate, whose approval and flattering smiles he seems to actively seek out," she added.

How interesting is that?!

In fact, Judi noticed Kate using her body language several times to make her husband feel more confident.

It seems like William was being very cautious about all of his movements.

"William’s rituals suggest a very laudable, deep desire to get things right on this tour," she explained.

"He will be aware the eyes of the world are on him, including certain pairs of eyes in the US."

Considering how much pressure every single event must place on the couple, they seemed to enjoy themselves and be at ease with the welcoming locals.

However, with all respect to Ms. James, it doesn't take a body language expert to see the chemistry flowing between these two in this video posted on Twitter...

Kate was having the time of her life — and Prince William was happy to be along for the ride!

I'm serious — Twitter was losing its mind over the moment.

Honestly, as they should.

It was a moment that made me have the biggest grin on my face like a total loser.

Judi also noticed lots of small touches and eye contact between the Royal pair, making it clear their bond is strong — even in a large crowd.

Overall, it's clear to see that this pair seems stronger than ever!

h/t: Express UK