Man Praised For Brutally Honest List Of Demands For His Housemates

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There are many times in our life when we are short on money and need a way to bring in extra cash. While working is keeping many of our bills paid and keeping us afloat, there are some points in our life when we would like to splurge and get ourselves something special or nice—but, can't make it work with just our salary. Trying to find a way to get a little extra cash can be hard.

Some people find odd jobs to do around their neighborhood.

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Walking neighbor's dogs can earn a little bit of extra cash. Or, some people may mow lawns and rake leaves in their neighbor's backyard. Let's not forget those who go door-to-door shoveling snow. With the internet, you can also sell belongings and clothes online, too. There are tons of ways to make some extra money.

For some people, though, not "doing" something is easier.

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Not having to actually complete a task or do a job is much easier for individuals who want to make money. And, for some, that "easy" thing is renting out a room in their home. Those who own apartments or condos—even homes—have the ability to put out ads for a roommate so they can pull in some extra money every month via rent.

When renting out a room in your home, there are a few rules that you want to establish.

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When allowing someone to live in your home alongside you, there are tons of things to consider. You are essentially sharing a space with a complete stranger, so you definitely want to establish rules for people to follow. However, some of the rules can be seen as rather strange to the person who wants to rent the room.

Recently, one Facebook user shared his "brutally honest" rules for the person renting a room in his house.

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Sharing on the Facebook group, "Perth Buy And Sell Western Australia," the homeowner shared that he "really didn't want a housemate" but he wanted to save money so that he can buy a motorbike—splurging on a little gift for himself.

The post said the room is a large room with high ceilings.

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The homeowner said that he really wants someone who is quiet and doesn't talk too much. In addition, he said that he wants someone who doesn't have a lot of visitors, either. I mean, who wants to have a house and then have random people come over all of the time?

There are some perks though.

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If you do rent the room you have unlimited internet and you only have to pay half of the bills, too. That means that you can use all of the heat, hot water, and electricity and have to pay half of it—which is a sweet deal if you don't have a lot of cash flow.

However, the homeowner did have some harsh rules, too.

If you want to live with him, he doesn't want to talk to you. And, he means it. He doesn't want to make eye contact or have "boring, polite" conversations. He wants you to be seen, and not heard basically. And, you have to do your own dishes—as well as replace the toilet roll when you're done with it.

Living with this homeowner, however, has some additions that one would not expect.

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While you do have to abide by his rules, you can also have access to his backyard with an orange and lemon tree, and you can also grow your own veggies. Additionally, you can grow "weed or shrooms" if you'd like—definitely not something the average homeowner would allow.

Many online praised the Facebook user for being so blunt and honest.

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Many said that this homeowner knows what he wants and he leaves absolutely no room for any issues. Laying out rules, boundaries, and expectations upfront leaves less room for people to loosely interpret things in the wrong way.

It seems to me that this is a great place to live.

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Not only do you not have to be bothered by people in the morning, but you also get some outdoor space to grow whatever you want—fruits or other items. Plus, who doesn't want to have peace and quiet all of the time? Sign me up.