Mom Of 10 In Tears After Receiving Emotional Text From Her Daughter About Big Families

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Some people dream about having a big family when they start to have kids. Some of them want three kids, some of them want four, and the ambitious even say that they want to eventually grow up and have five kids. However, there are many who grow up and have even more kids than they could have ever dreamed of.

TikTok user and mom Janel is the happy mother of ten children.

Mom of 10
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Janel shares photos and videos of her children on TikTok, sharing the stories and the journeys of being a parent to two handfuls of children. While many could not even imagine having that many kids, others feel like it's a true blessing.

In her first video shared on TikTok, Janel showcased a special moment with her followers.

Mom of 10
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Janel shared the news of her 10th pregnancy with her children in a viral TikTok video that was seen over 9.4 million times. In the video, she breaks the good news to her kids, who look shocked that their mother was going to bring baby number 10 into the world.

However, not all of the kids seemed to be too thrilled.

In the video, some of the kids looked excited while others did not. Some of the older kids seemed to look more shocked and stunned rather than excited to have another little sibling enter the family. Many TikTok users took notice of their faces.

People in the comments said that this is their "worst nightmare."

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"I swear on my life I’d run away from my home of my mom had her 4th child I can’t even imagine how painful that is for you," one person said in the comments.

"I live in a house of 7 kids and my mum and stepfather I have never hated life more then when my mum told me she had more kids," added another TikTok user.

Many said this mom was "irresponsible."

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There were many in the TikTok comments who called the mom "irresponsible" for continuing to have kids if her children feel so strongly against being one of so many siblings. And, some said it was "unfair" to the others who didn't want another sibling.

However, the mom was quick to share how happy her kids are to be with each other all of the time.

Although many believe that it's not fair for her to keep having children, ultimately, it's just their own opinion.

Janel shared videos and pictures of her kids and how much they love being together and growing up side-by-side. Not that she has to defend herself!

The family looks like they're one big, exciting bunch, too.

In other videos, Janel shares how much fun her family is always having. Some may think a family of 10 kids may be overwhelming and boring at times, but these kids never have a dull moment it seems!

And, for those who thought that her children weren't happy—think again.

After giving birth to her 10th child, Janel received an adorable and sentimental text message from one of her daughters celebrating the birth of her youngest sibling. The text was so touching that Janel shared it on TikTok to show the world how grateful her kids are.

Janel's 11-year-old daughter sent her a very touching text after she had the baby.

Grateful daughter
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In the text, her daughter tells her mom she is the "strongest" and "best" mom in the world and how incredible it is to have two parents who love them so much and who are able to give them so many siblings to be with. She celebrates how amazing their family is and, despite what others think, shows nothing but excitement.

Clearly, this family is doing just fine.

No matter what people have to say on social media, all that matters is that your family is happy and healthy. Clearly, Janel has not much to worry about, as she shares how her 28-year-old son looks so lovingly at his 3-week-old brother. Adorable.