People Are Loving This Viral Video Of The Lengths Needed To Get Stuck Basketball

Ashley Hunte
A basketball that had just passed through a net.
Unsplash | Markus Spiske

A college sports game almost feels incomplete without a cheerleading squad to get the crowd pumped. And while they're great at their jobs, their talents seem to be useful in a lot of different ways, too.

Like, for getting basketballs from high places.

Basketball players discuss how to get ball stuck above net.
youtube | MM Studio

A viral video shows how a couple of cheerleaders used some quick thinking to get a basketball that had gotten lodged behind the net during a game.

It happened when St. Mary’s College played against Indiana in Portland, Oregon.

A basketball that has been flung toward a net.
Unsplash | Danny Lines

The video shows players and refs attempting to get the ball out from a spot in between the net and the bracket.

They tried everything.

Basketball player looks up at stuck ball.
youtube | MM Studio

From jumping, to using a mop, to standing on the referee chair. But the ball was just too high for any of them to reach.

Then, inspiration struck.

Ken Jeong saying "of course" as if something was obvious.
Giphy | The Masked Singer

As the commentators point out that the cheerleaders should try, since they're used to standing on each other's shoulders and all that, one pair of cheerleaders does just that.

The video shows one cheerleader quickly jumping on another's shoulders.

One person standing on the shoulders of three other people.
Giphy | Washington & Jefferson College

The pair walk toward the ball, and with relative ease, the cheerleader is able to do what no one else could: get the ball down.

And the crowd goes wild.

People in an audience standing to applaud excitedly.
Giphy | The Maury Show

Seriously. I think at this point, the crowed was more excited by the fact that they could get the ball down, than by the game itself.

And honestly, I don't blame them.

An old SNL skit where two people act as cheerleaders.
Giphy | Saturday Night Live

It's hilarious and heartwarming at the same time. Sometimes, the most amazing stories happen when you least expect them to.

The cheerleaders were identified as Cassidy Cerny and Nathan Paris.

Male and female cheerleader pose for the camera.
youtube | MM Studio

I think it's safe to say they just made sports history.

And most importantly, the game got to continue.

Well, I guess they could've technically just used a different ball. But it's so much more fun this way!

h/t: Upworthy