Mom Has Heartwarming Reaction To News Of Son's Down Syndrome In Viral Clip

Mason Joseph Zimmer
mom smiling with newborn baby on her chest in hospital
TikTok | @katibehrens

Although it seems like a problem we should have put to bed long ago, it remains true that some people can find themselves marginalized to a degree since the day they were born.

And it wasn't so long ago that this was particularly true for those living with Down syndrome, as the condition could lead to a lifetime of being ignored or underestimated.

But of course, society is always in the process of changing. And in recent years, those changes have not only seen more opportunities for those with Down syndrome to rise to prominence, but also to challenge widespread assumptions about what they're capable of.

Although that doesn't mean we're at a point where their lives are suddenly easy, these developments do provide some context for one mom's affirming reaction to her son's surprise diagnosis.

On February 13, Kati Martinez of Aurora, Illinois uploaded a video to TikTok that was filmed shortly after she had given birth to her first child.

man in scrubs and mask facing camera in hospital birthing room
TikTok | @katibehrens

As she explained here, this video captured the moment that her husband Abe saw reason to suspect their newborn son Micah had Down syndrome.

Speaking to Good Morning America, Martinez said, "My first reaction was, 'What? Like, there's no way because nothing was out of the ordinary. They would have probably seen that in ultrasounds."

But Abe and the surrounding nurses could tell by his swollen features that his condition had somehow evaded prenatal inspections and he did indeed have Down syndrome.

mom smiling with newborn baby on her chest in hospital
TikTok | @katibehrens

After her initial shock, Martinez said that a calm overtook her and while she doesn't remember her exact words, she recalled telling Abe that both little Micah and their family would be fine.

And a caption in her video made it clear that she feels her son is perfect the way he is.

In her words, "Micah. I wouldn't change you for the world. But for you, I will change the world."

Although the family does receive negative comments, Martinez sees that as all the more reason to spread positive messages promoting awareness and acceptance of Down syndrome.

child with Down syndrome in lion costume
TikTok | @katibehrens

As for Micah himself, he has since grown into an energetic and social toddler who is already a big brother to eight-month-old Mackenzie, with whom he is said to have a "sweet" relationship.

As Martinez said, "His outlook looks great. We expect him to do everything that our daughter would do. Like, we are not gonna treat him differently."

By that, she means that she expects both children to receive good educations and to start their own careers later in life.

And in addition to advocating for her son and those like him, Martinez hoped to reach other parents in her position with her video so she can tell them that the complex feelings they're going through are valid.

As she put it, "I just said, 'Your feelings are valid,' because I don't know if it could really be shown in like a 30-second clip, but we had an array of emotions. It was like, surprise, confusion, happiness, peace, but you know, like sadness for him also, because we knew he had a long journey ahead of him."

h/t: Good Morning America