Netflix's 'Addams Family' Series 'Wednesday' Brings Back Christina Ricci

Taylor Sakellis
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It's no secret that Hollywood is having a lot of fun bringing back many beloved TV shows and turning them into remakes and reboots. For the most part, it makes my stomach turn to see a show I once loved turn into a watered-down, "modern-day" tale that I just have no time for. However, every so often, one of these reboots catches my interest.

It has been announced that Netflix is reviving the beloved "Adams Family" character Wednesday Adams in a new, live-action TV series.

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As reported by Deadline, the Tim Burton series will star Christina Ricci — the most notable star to play Wednesday in the 1990s Addams Family feature franchise.

While many of the show's details are being kept under wraps, this news has been a long time coming for fans of Christina's Wednesday.

The show's poster alone gave me chills, so I can only imagine what's to come!