Woman Tricks Cheating Boyfriend Into Getting Hand Tattoo Before Dumping Him

Taylor Sakellis
Unsplash | Collins Lesulie

There are few things I LOVE more than a good revenge story, especially when it comes to a cheating partner. As the saying goes, hell hath no fury like a woman who found things on her boyfriend's phone that she didn't like.

Now, one young woman is showing everyone on TikTok exactly how she's serving her partner justice after snooping on his phone!

Cheating has always been a horrible thing to do, but in 2022, it is essentially a setup for your scorned ex to go viral on TikTok.

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Sure, there are lots of videos of cute dogs and easy recipes on the super popular app, but there are also a LOT of cheating revenge videos.

The one that most recently made me stop in my tracks was a video of a woman who made her BF get a tattoo of her artwork before breaking up with him.

Unsplash | Lucas Lenzi

Yep, you read that right!

Showing the events that take place, the on-screen text from user @maddx75 reads: "went through my bfs phone didn't like what i saw so i booked him an appointment to get my artwork tattooed."

She continued: "he picked the placement :) gonna break up with him."

"Honestly feel bad about the hand part," she captioned the video.

tiktok tattoo cheater
TikTok | @maddx75

As you can imagine, the comment section was wild.

"Y’all really do anything except just leave," commented one user.

"Not defending him, but how about we stop going through people's phones without consent?" said another.

Clearly, the aforementioned comments came from people who haven't been cheated on.

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"Queen behavior," commented one supportive TikToker.

"i’m so sorry sweet girl. break his heart," said another.

Let this be a lesson to us all; when it comes to cheating on your partner... DON'T!