Men Share What They Learned About Women Only After Living With One

Kasia Mikolajczak
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They say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. I guess that's just an easy way to admit that yes, men and women differ. However, it's a whole other ball game once you start cohabitating. Do you get what I'm saying? Then you really get to know one another.

A recent Reddit thread asked men to spill the beans. It asked, "What did you not know or realize until after living with a woman?" and here are some of the most fascinating answers.

This Sweet Realization

living room
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"It is home with her, it is just an apartment without her."

Aww, isn't that so sweet, huh? I think it goes both ways. When you live alone, your house feels just a little empty. But once you have somebody to share it with, it really becomes a home. Don't you think so, too?

This Grocery Shopping Hazard

woman organizing in the kitchen
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"Going to the grocery store can turn into reorganizing the entire pantry and refrigerator."

Oh, yes, I have been there and done that. In fact, as it's spring, you know what that means? Your wife or girlfriend will start the big clean-up any day now. Don't say I didn't warn you.

These Hard Facts

woman washing hair

"Most women have three types of showers, depending on how much time we have or how dry/oily our hair is that particular day: just wash body, wash body and hair, wash body, wash hair, exfoliate, shave."

Amen to that, hee-hee!

This Fashion Sense

Woman putting on an earring
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"The color of their shoes will match their earrings and their purse, and if you look carefully, will pick up the highlights of the design of their top. And that's not an accident."

Oh, yes, we ladies have it down, ha, ha. So don't question how long it takes us to get ready, okay? It comes with the territory.

This Timing Issue

woman getting ready
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"If you need to go anywhere together at minimum an hour's notice is needed."

Speaking of getting ready, don't spring an outing on us last minute. If it's just running errands that's okay, but if it's date night, we need our time to get ready. So give us a heads-up if you know what's good for you.

This Magic

pile of clothes
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"Women are both simultaneously messier and cleaner than men. It’s bizarre how messy rooms can get with them and how quickly they can turn it around and make it clean!"

It's sorcery, that's all. After all, weren't women burned as witches before. LOL!

This Fridge Fact

Fully stocked fridge
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"You find out the amount of food that a refrigerator can really hold."

Well, isn't it nice to come home to a full fridge? I never understand how single guys have absolutely no food in their refrigerator. It's such a waste of money to have to always go out to eat.

This Laundry Lesson

laundry room
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"You’ve been doing laundry wrong your whole life."

There is a method to this madness, gentlemen. So if your wife or girlfriend hasn't taught you how to do laundry the proper way, get ready for it. It's coming, I tell you.

This Duty

man walking up the stairs
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"If they leave stuff at the bottom of the stairs, that means you’re supposed to bring it up. If it’s at the top of the stairs, you should bring it down. Also, the correct place for objects in the kitchen is where they currently reside. Stuff is gonna move around constantly, just roll with it."

I love that one.

This Dumb Admission

woman laughing hysterically
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"I always thought that pads operated like bandaids and they'd just slap em over their vaginas and absorb everything. It wasn't until I was... 27? When my girlfriend at the time had some as a backup in case she ran out of tampons and I opened it and looked. The adhesive was on the wrong side for my version of how they worked, and it dawned on me that they're supposed to be stuck to their panties, not their vaginas. I only regret telling her of that revelation, because she laughed until she cried and then called her mom to tell her about it."

I honestly can't stop laughing at that.

This Surprising Addition

living room with plants
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"How nice house plants are. Now I have all kinds of plants and my place feels so much more nice and relaxing."

Yes, that's why I love plants, too. I wish I was able to bring more into our current home, but we just lack the space. One day, I hope to have an indoor oasis, hee-hee.

This Comforting Feeling

couple chilling at home
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"I didn’t realize the amount of comfort I would get. I always thought it would be like having a roommate but it’s way different, especially with a SO. When my girlfriend and I started living together I felt more comfortable in just about every way in my own apartment. The empathy and emotions brought to the place are also incredible. It felt more opening and welcoming after living with a bunch of guys in college where emotions don’t really happen."

Oh, I love that.

This Amount Of Stuff

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"Just how much [expletive] stuff they need. Three different shampoos and conditioners, tens of different lipsticks, three foundations, makeup brushes, contouring brushes, makeup remover, so many earrings, and accessories."

Um, that's right. And what's your point here? Ha, ha!

This Man's Duty

full garbage bag
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"When the garbage can stinks, you must take it outside even if it isn't full."

Yes, if you haven't learned this yet, you soon will, hee-hee. So don't even ask me if you can take it out. Just do it anyway. If it reeks, it goes. That's the rule in our house.

This Hard Lesson

Woman saying "that's right."
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"They can't remember if they have turned the hair straightener off, but can remember what you said four years ago."

Yes, we never forget what's important. Am I right, ladies? So get used to it, boys.

This Bra Fact

bra and workout mat
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"That she owns only one truly GOOD BRA. There is only one and part of your duty as a man is to protect 'The Good Bra.' If you are doing laundry, you must take the greatest of precautions to make sure it is properly cleaned, dried, and stored. God forbid 'The Good Bra' ever turn up missing or in the wrong drawer."

Ha, ha, this man knows what he's talking about.

This Thieving Truth

men's boxers hanging on a line outside
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"I never realized that she'd start wearing my clothes. T-shirts, sweaters, not even my damn underwear is mine anymore!"

OMG, haha. That is the funniest one of them all. Okay, I haven't done that and definitely not with my partner's underwear. I prefer mine, thank you very much.

This Loving Thought

couple cuddling together on a bean bag
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"When you’re having a really tough day, she unexpectedly comes home and surprises you with a bottle of your favorite drink, homemade cookies, and dinner you love. And then she cuddles with you while you vent about your now not-so crappy day. And you realize what it’s like to actually have someone support you."

Aww, that's a good woman he has.

Oh my, did any of these facts surprise you, too?

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It's definitely different when you start living with your spouse, especially when they're of the opposite sex. I know I learned a ton of things when my fiancé moved in. I should do an article about what women learned after living with men, eh? Who would like to read that one? Come on, ladies. I bet it would be really interesting, hee-hee.