Dad's Potato-Peeling Hack Gets Applause On TikTok

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I must've told you that I'm a big foodie. And one of my favorite vegetables is the potato. In fact, I'm making a baked potato for dinner tonight. I also love making mashed potatoes. But do you know what I don't like? It's peeling those potatoes, ha, ha. So I recently stumbled upon this man's TikTok hack that had me stop in my tracks. Check it out.

What's your favorite potato dish?

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Do you love French fries — um, hello, they're definitely number one in my book. Or do you adore baking them in the oven? But if you said mashed, then listen up. I've got the most fun kitchen hack. Do you want to know what it is?

Okay, let's get to it.

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A man posted on TikTok, and his video quickly went viral. In it, you can see him peeling a potato in a whole different way. Get this he used a drill to do it. OMG! What? That's pretty genius. Am I right?

You really need to see it to fully appreciate it.

So here's how you can do it too. Poke the electric drill into a potato and then use the drill to spin it quickly. As the potato spins, run a peeler. The tater will be skinless in less than a minute. Holy moly, lol!

That's quite the technique, no?

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I can't believe I haven't thought of this myself, ha, ha. I mean, it makes perfect sense. Who wants to sit there for a while peeling potatoes by hand when you can get the drill to do the hard work for you. If that's not a handy kitchen hack, I don't know what is, hehe.

This hack has since gotten 1.4 million views on TikTok

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I guess there are more people out there looking for some quick kitchen hacks than I thought. Many of them agreed with me and thought this idea was pretty brilliant. I actually have seen people using a drill with a brush to clean the bathtub, but this is the first drill cooking hack I've stumbled upon on TikTok.

However, there were some concerns.

TikTok comment
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A few people pointed out that they hoped he used new drill bits. Um, yeah! I'm sure he's not that daft. I don't think poking a potato with an old dirty drill bit would be all that appetizing. Am I right? This man knows what he's doing, so I'm not worried about that.

But honestly, most comments were positive.

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It seems to me that people are willing to try this method out. I think if you're about to peel a ton of potatoes, this will definitely speed things up. Just make sure you're careful. I wouldn't want spuds to be flying around all over your house, ha, ha.

Here's someone who's very eager.

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I bet all the ladies out there will love this kind of help in the kitchen. What do you think of that? I wouldn't mind if my fiancé tried this method out and got the spuds all ready for dinner tonight. Hey, that's a great idea.

So what do you think of this cooking hack?

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Is this one of those #dadhacks that you approve of, huh? Or do you think it's too much? Well, if it gets your man to help out with dinner prep more — then I'm all for it. And something tells me that most ladies will be on board, too.