18-Year-Old College Student Sparks Debate After Being Assigned A 52-Year-Old Roommate

Taylor Sakellis
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TikTok | @thefelicitybost

TikTok is one wild app. If you haven't downloaded it yet, I highly suggest that you don't. I have found myself wasting countless hours on this silly app, discovering lots of not-so-helpful information, and watching truly dramatic storytime videos. Kids today put everything on TikTok, and now, one young girl is sparking debate after sharing that she had recently been assigned a 52-year-old roommate.

Going to college is a one-of-a-kind experience and anyone who was lucky enough to have it knows exactly what I'm talking about.

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While I had a riot back then, as an adult, I would not want to be anywhere near college-aged kids.

To be fair, I think the same would go for them as well.

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Now, an interesting conversation has sparked on TikTok after an 18-year-old college student went viral for revealing she had just been assigned an older roommate.

The video, which has over 2 MILLION likes, shows user @thefelicitybost reacting to the camera with the text overlay sharing the story.

“I was just notified that I have a roommate moving in my college apartment tomorrow that is 52 yrs old,” she wrote.

“I’m 18.”

The comments section quickly filled in with lots of opinions, and LOTS of questions.

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TikTok | @thefelicitybost

"there’s nothing wrong with someone that age wanting education but they should not be rooming people that far apart in age together.." wrote one user.

"Respectfully, what are they doing. I’m 25 and living with 18 year olds seems like I’m on the outer age limit that is appropriate," said another.

Lots of people asked for a storytime video, which Felicity gave soon after the TikTok went viral.

The college student filmed a video explaining the situation, saying that she and her other roommate live in an off-campus apartment building that is traditionally only occupied by students.

However, the two students received a call from their landlord informing them a woman, who is not enrolled at the college, would be moving in with them.

In the follow-up video, the students expressed some concerns regarding allegations from this woman's previous roommates.

While most people understood their concerns, others felt it wasn't right for them to take the issue to TikTok.

"the way you talk about someone's struggles is,,,, yikes. adding onto the stigma," wrote one user.

"Sounds like you’re just afraid of poor people with disabilities tbh. Like none of that stuff matters except the (possibly biased) police report," said another.

However, many people were defending the young women.

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"Safety first! Don’t blame y’all at all! She needs to be somewhere else," argued one user.

"some of these comments really aren’t it. i’m glad you guys are staying safe. i would be nervous about the situation as well," echoed another.

I just hope this woman finds a more ideal living situation!