Daniel Radcliffe Says He Has No Interest In Playing Harry Potter Again: 'I Made It Out'

Rae Batchelor
Daniel Radcliffe.
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It must be a blessing and a curse as an actor to be a part of a franchise as iconic and successful as Harry Potter. On the one hand, it must be nice to know that your legacy and financial status will pretty much always be secure, and it's gotta be nice knowing what a huge part you played in so many people's childhoods. On the other hand, it can be hard to break out of the box you might get stuck in, and nobody wants to only be known for one thing their entire life.

Daniel Radcliffe, best known for starring as Harry Potter himself, knows that all too well.

The 'Harry Potter' movies are iconic.

Harry Potter pointing his wand

And they owe so much of their success and staying power to the three stars playing the main trio of characters, including Daniel Radcliffe's Harry Potter.

In a new interview, Daniel was asked about if he'd be interested in reprising the role to play an adult Harry Potter, much like Mark Hamil, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher returned to reprise their iconic Star Wars roles.

Daniel was pretty clear in his response.

Harry Potter riding a hippogriff

"This isn’t the answer that anybody’s going to want, but I think I was so able to go back and enjoy [the reunion] because it’s not a part of my day-to-day life anymore," Daniel replied, breaking all of our hearts in one fell swoop.

Of course, his reasoning made total sense.

Harry Potter yelling the word "NEVER!"

"I’m getting to a point where I feel like I made it out of Potter OK and I’m really happy with where I am now, and to go back would be such a massive change to my life," he went on. He also pointed out that it was a very different situation than the new Star Wars movies bringing back Luke, Leia, and Han Solo.

"I’m never going to say never, but the Star Wars guys had like 30, 40 years before they went back," Daniel added.

Harry Potter shrugging.

"For me, it’s only been 10. It’s not something I’m really interested in doing right now."

While it makes total sense, I'm still going to be out here holding onto that little hope of never say never! Would you want to see Daniel return as Harry in a new film? Let us know in the comments!

h/t: The NY Times