Older Women Are Proving That We're Never Too Old To Try New Things

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Many people feel pretty bad about getting older. In fact, some people go into a major depression when they start to see the wrinkles appearing on their face, the grays appearing in their hair and the numbers on their birthday cake. They think that as they get older, that means they have to give up on their dreams and their favorite hobbies—especially the ones that are physical and athletic.

As we get older, we always think that our bodies are going to give up on us.

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As we get older, we fear that we will not be able to do the things that we used to do. The stereotype that our bodies become old and fragile as we age is something that scares us all. We fear that we won't be able to run as fast, jump as high, or even have the same energy we once did in our youth.

However, there are always ways to continue our hobbies and our dreams, even as we age.

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When we are truly passionate about what we love to do, nothing can stop us. Loving what you do and pushing yourself to keep on going can do some incredible things to our bodies. Some may think you are too old to stay active and play sports—like dancing or swimming—but the more we push ourselves, the further we can go.

Recently on social media, we have been seeing some incredible women proving that age is only just a number.

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With the power of social media in, we get to see some incredible people do some inspiring things. Women all over the world are proving that age-old quote is right: that age truly is just a number. And, the more we see it, the more we believe it—seeing is believing, right?

Madame Poole is just one example of this.

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Madame Poole has been dancing for over 70 years—which, when you do the math, is 7 decades. However, she continues to dance to this day. In a viral Facebook video, the ballerina showcases that no matter how old you are, you can still throw on a tutu and pointe.

Despite people's belief that ballerinas and dancers have a "short career," Madame Poole shows us otherwise.

Unsplash | Nihal Demirci Erenay

Not only can she still perform the very same dances and moves that she has done for 7 decades, but she looks incredibly graceful and wonderful doing so! At 77-years-old, Madame Poole is still dancing so incredibly. And, she also teaches young ballerinas, as well.

Other viral videos showcase that you truly can still move at any age.

Older Dancer
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Another viral Facebook video that was shared showcased another dancer, who at 65-years-old, has no problem getting down with the younger dancers around her. In the video that was shared, the dancer proves that no matter what your age, you can get down with any beat and show all of your power and rhythm, too.

Even when you are well into your 90s, you can accomplish your dreams, too.

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These two dancers are living and dancing proof that, even in your 60s and your 70s, your body can move to any beat. But, when you get into your 80s and 90s—then what happens? As it turns out, no matter how old you get, you can go after all of your dreams. And, those dreams may include gold medals.

Betty Brussel of British Columbia shows the world that nothing is impossible.

Brussel, a world-record-breaking swimmer, still competes in swimming competitions now at 97-years-old. The Netherlands-native who currently lives in Canada has broken two world records and continues to swim at the top of her class.

Despite suffering health issues, Brussels still goes for the gold.

Over the years, Brussel has suffered several health issues that come with aging and testing her body—but nothing has stopped her. Not a heart attack, a cracked vertebra, shoulder surgery, or two broken feet. The swimmer just gets after it because she absolutely loves being in the water.

The next time you feel like you're getting "too old" to do what you love, think again.

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If you ever feel like you are "too old" to do what you love, or you may look foolish or silly—think again. No matter how old you are, you are never too old to live your passions and purpose. If anything, these women are all the proof you need!