It's A Beautiful Day! A Series About U2 Is In The Works From J.J. Abrams

Taylor Sakellis
instagram | @U2

Look, there are few things that get me excited anymore, especially when it comes ot Netflix. Let's be real — they want to charge me more every few months and I'm supposed to like that? I don't think so. However, if you thinking of canceling your Netflix because of that, I urge you to stop right there because a show about U2's origin story is coming to the popular streaming platform.

It was announced Friday that a new series from J.J. Abrams is in the works.

If that news wasn't exciting enough (we respect Mr. Abrams in this house) the show is going to be about U2!


Giphy | 2020 MTV EMA

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show will tell the story of the iconic Irish rock band and will be written by Bohemian Rhapsody writer Anthony McCarten.

Not much has been revealed, but I just know it will be fantastic!

h/t: The Hollywood Reporter