Men Share The 'Unmanly' Things They Do For Themselves With Zero Shame

Ashley Hunte
Weights and other gym equipment.
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To be honest, there's such a thing as taking manliness too far. It's almost like some men (and I'm not gonna name names) don't like to have fun, all in the name of keeping up appearances or something.

But the men of Reddit were once asked about the "unmanly" things they do that they're not ashamed of, and to be honest, these answers are pretty valid.

"I sew." - dangdatkat

Somebody running a cloth through a sewing machine.
Unsplash | Roman Spiridonov

"I think it is helpful for spatial reasoning, attention to detail, and creativity. It is basically construction out of a very thin, flexible material that requires the builder to create the object inside-out."

I think sewing is a skill everyone should have, no matter how manly you are.

"I moisturize my face, that [expletive] is gonna pay off in a few years." - Soupynorman

A man rubbing his face. On several parts of his face, there are drops of white moisturizer.
Unsplash | No Revisions

It's funny how we perceive certain things as "girly" or "not manly," like taking care of your skin. No one should be ashamed for not wanting to walk around with dry skin all the time.

"Bubble-baths." - catatonic

Man in bubble bath with phone.
Giphy | The Streamy Awards

"I don't take baths much but if I do you best believe there's gonna be bubbles galore in that bath."

Bubble baths are another weirdly-gendered thing. Why should anyone be stopped from enjoying them?

"When I see a puppy my voice gets ridiculously high pitched." - a_slow_old_man

Doctor Who character squees before disintegrating.
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To be honest, who can resist a cute little puppy? In fact, cute things in general rock! Don't let anyone think you aren't manly enough for liking puppies.

"I do our cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping." - [deleted]

A person holding a blue spray bottle.
Unsplash | Towfiqu barbhuiya

"I am also way too excited when my gf comes home from work to a spotless house and dinner on the table."

I think we as a society should stop letting men go through their entire 20s without knowing how to cook or clean (and luckily, it looks like we've been moving away from that for a while now anyway).

"I love fuzzy socks, fuzzy blankets, fuzzy anything." - AlreadyMissingMyTime

Two feet wearing pink and black striped fuzzy socks and a pair of white fuzzy slippers.
Unsplash | Philippe Jausions

Being comfy and cozy is how I like to live my life to be honest. And again, this isn't something that needs to be gendered.

"Cross my legs while sitting." - pancakehiatt

Man crosses legs.
Giphy | ABC Network

People need to stop associating crossing your legs with being girly as much as they need to stop associating sitting with your legs apart with masculinity. It's literally just sitting.

"I won't leave the house unless I have showered and fixed my hair." - [deleted]

A man shaving his face.
Unsplash | Supply

I'll never not be weirded out about how there are people out there who genuinely think taking care of your appearance is "unmanly." Even, like, basic hygiene and stuff.

"I just donned a pink apron with strawberries on it to help my girlfriend make a pie." - GeneralGhou

A man standing in a red apron.
Unsplash | Bluebird Provisions

"Her family razzed me about it... but hey, no pie for them."

Because pink is for girls, blah blah blah.

"I tweeze my eyebrows." - dmaloney92

Flynn from Tangled, raising an eyebrow.
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Hey, not everyone can be lucky enough to have nice eyebrows that don't require a lot of work. Ain't nothing wrong with taking pride in your appearance.

"Knit." - hobbit6

A knit garment still on its double pointed knitting needles.
Unsplash | rocknwool

I actually love to knit, and I know a lot of people who do, too. None of them are men... we need more men who knit in this world.

"I cry." - accidental_asshole

A man wiping tears from his eye.
Unsplash | Tom Pumford

"When it’s warranted and I’m not ashamed of it. My dog is getting on in years and he only has a few months left. When he dies I’m going to cry like a little girl."

To be honest, the only thing weirder than men who don't cry, is men who make fun of other men for crying...

"Buy myself flowers. It cheers up the room." - [deleted]

An arrangement of different flowers of various shades of reds and pinks in a vase.
Unsplash | Christie Kim

I was thinking the other day about how people don't usually give men flowers, and it made me kind of sad.

"Bake and listen to Adele. Sometimes at the same time." - PantsTurkey

Paul Hollywood squinting.
Giphy | The Great British Bake Off

Ah, baking and Adele. Two things that are seen as pretty "unmanly," coming together in perfect harmony.

Also, that just sounds like a fun time.

"I like to belt Disney ballads in my car most any time I'm driving. I also cry when singing some songs. I'm a very music-oriented person." - [deleted]

A small, powder blue car.
Unsplash | Oli Woodman

Belting Disney ballads while driving in your car is something everyone should do at least once in their lives.

"I unashamedly watch 'Project Runway.'" - gullibleboy

Different clothing items on a rack.
Unsplash | Hannah Morgan

I don't think there's anything wrong with men watching shows that are geared toward female audiences. And vice versa. Just let people enjoy things.

"I hug and kiss my little boy when I drop him off and pick him up from kindergarten." - BushMeat

A father holding and kissing his infant son.
Unsplash | Kelly Sikkema

Look, I'm not gonna tell people how to parent their kids. But I also think that dads who show affection toward their sons are doing way more good than bad.

"Scream when I see a roach." - whats_reddit

My hottest take for the day is that this is the only correct reaction when you see a roach, especially if it's in your house.

"I collect stuffed animals, and if you disapprove then screw you." - RockNRollahAyatollah

Grumpy-looking teddy bear with gifts.
Pexels | Pixabay

"Fred, Tony, Sampson, Lasagna, Chompie, Bert, Penguino, Bovina, Shelldon, Hamlet, Squiddy, R.J., Scorch, Kodi, and Roary wouldn't enjoy your company anyways."

Honestly? They sound like they'd be wonderful friends.

"I like being the little spoon." - hipsteronabike

A man and a woman hugging while standing beneath a blanket.
Unsplash | Scott Broome

"There's just something about the way that boobs push into your back that's quite pleasant."

Everyone deserves a big spoon to their little spoon (or vice versa).