Couple Bans Kids From Their Yard After Neighbor Demands They Get Rid Of Dogs

Mason Joseph Zimmer
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There are all sorts of ways that a neighbor can be annoying, but there's something particularly special about one who somehow thinks they're entitled to your property and can control your life.

The worst I've had to deal with are ones who thought they could put their garbage on my lawn, but others have been audacious enough to think they can film inside their neighbors' houses or make them change how they decorate them.

But even weirder than these are the neighbors who think they can decide whether others are allowed to have pets or not in an area that doesn't have any such rules.

And in one unfortunate case, it seems that one such neighbor took advantage of a couple's kindness to such a degree that she's ruined it for everyone else.

Before the couple we're about to hear from moved in, their house's previous owners would let the neighborhood kids play in their yard.

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And as the husband explained in a Reddit post, he and his wife were happy to continue that tradition as long as their parents understood that they wouldn't be supervising other people's kids.

That worked out well for their immediate neighbors and for the dozen kids who would frequent the yard. And since those kids and their parents were polite and tidy, it worked well for the couple as well.

And at first, the experience became even better for everyone involved when the man's parents gave them their two old dogs before they moved into a retirement home.

German shepherd dogs standing on rocky cliffs
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Not only were these well-behaved dogs that the couple loved dearly to the point that one of them was the ring bearer at their wedding, but the kids loved them too.

As time went on, some of the older kids were even allowed to take them on walks.

However, all the fun had to stop after one woman neither of them had seen before came screaming at them about her kids.

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Apparently, they had played in one of the dog's feces, which led this woman to say that if the couple didn't get rid of their dogs, she'd have them charged with endangerment.

And while they pointed out that her complaint made it obvious she wasn't supervising her children, she didn't stop fuming when they told her to leave.

In the man's words, "The woman left and came back with a petition and around 6 signatures for us to get rid of the dogs."

Since they didn't want to risk any further incidents, they instead locked their gates and decided no kids could play in their yard anymore.

This didn't sit well with their other neighbors, who didn't think it was fair that one person could ruin everyone's good time.

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So the man asked Reddit whether they handled the situation right, and the consensus was that unfortunate as the results were, the couple's decision was correct.

As one user said, "Unfortunately, one horrible person is all it takes. You were risking a lot of liability by having strangers in your yard, and now you have a sheet with 6 signatures on it that show how entitled people will take advantage of kindness."

And we can't emphasize enough how unreasonable the commenters thought the woman was being.

As another person said, "Petitioning you to get rid of your pets so THEIR kids can play on YOUR property is beyond unacceptable."

h/t: Reddit | aitakidslawn