Danielle Fishel Says She And 'Boy Meets World' Co-Star Ben Savage Tried To Date

Taylor Sakellis
boy meets world
Getty | Brenda Chase

As a fan of any classic TV show, we always want the leads to date each other — it's only human nature. If anything, it's a testament to watch great actors they are as they're able to make us believe they're in love in real life!

Now, Boy Meets World star Danielle Fishel is revealing that she and Ben Savage did try dating back in the day to see if their chemistry was as alive off-camera as it was on-camera.

We all watched Corey and Topanga grow up together on the beloved '90s series, "Boy Meets World."

cory and topanga

From kids to young adults, we saw the ups and downs of this sweet duo. We laughed when they laughed. We cried when they cried.

They were the ultimate childhood sweethearts!

Unsurprisingly, the pair were curious if their on-screen chemistry would transcend into the real world.

Recently, Danielle revealed at the first-ever '90s Con in Hartford, Connecticut this past weekend that she and Ben had tried dating once to see if there was any magic there.

"There was literally I think one moment where Ben and I looked at each other after we had been working together for like two years and were like, 'Are there feelings there?'" she told the crowd, as per Insider.

Unfortunately for us, there wasn't.

"And then we went out to dinner, and we were like, 'No!'"

cory and topanga

Despite the lack of romantic chemistry, the pair remained close friends and even attended a school dance together!

As fans may know, Danielle is married to Jensen Karp and the pair have two children together. As for Ben, his love life is still a myserty!