Woman Told She's Not Getting Raise Because The Men In The Office 'Need It More'

Ashley Hunte
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When you work and you do a good job, you should be getting paid appropriately. That's all there is to it.

Unfortunately, there are still many places that undervalue their workers, especially if those workers happen to be women.

One Reddit user complained about his wife's lack of a pay raise recently.

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Posted to the Antiwork sub, user DLS3141 claimed that his wife's work denied her pay raise because "the men of the office needed it more."

"My wife works as a graphic designer in a marketing firm."

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"She's great at her job and has never had anything but glowing reviews from her boss and a subsequent raise," he says.

It already sounds like she's a shoe-in for a raise, which is why this story is so frustrating.

"This year however, she got her review, which was very good, but she was told that even though everyone else was getting a salary increase, she was not."

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"When she asked why, her boss told her, 'There's only so much in the budget for salary increases and since your husband is an engineer and makes good money, you don't need it unlike the men here.'"

This... there's no words.

"I mean, I am an engineer and I do make good money, but that's not a reason to sell her short."

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"I've told her she could just quit and look for something else, but she's worried that could take a long time... I think I'm honestly more upset about this then she is about this though."

I think they both have every right to be upset, but I also don't blame the wife for not reacting so strongly. As a woman, she's probably more used to these sorts of slights.

Needless to say, this is blatant sexism.

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What does this woman's husband's salary have to do with her own? Just because her husband makes good money, doesn't mean she shouldn't.

After all, a woman's value isn't automatically tied to her husband.

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Assigning a woman's worth to her husband's means sounds like something straight out of the middle ages.

Not to mention the fact that this... seems illegal.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't there anti-discriminatory laws that prevent these kinds of hiring and wage practices?

(Don't worry, I know I'm right about that.)

The comment section under this post was also understandably shaken by this story.

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Reddit user Shadowfeaux said, "If they have a limited budget then they should be splitting it more evenly, or (more dreaming in a better world, lol) the boss could give up part of his own raise/bonus."

They even managed to give some solid advice.

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"Try to get it in writing that their policy is to base pay on gender or at least on husband wages, Reddit user Watsis_name commented. "Will make the lawsuit easier."

All in all, it's just so gross.

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OP clarified in the comment section that other women in the office got raises, and that his wife was singled out specifically because of her husband. I'm not sure that makes it better.

Either way, it's pretty horrible. I really hope she can get some kind of justice or compensation.

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