Recall On Popular Starbucks Drink Due To Potential Health Hazard

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
A handful of coffee beans in front of the Starbucks logo on some carboard.
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Whether you work from home or still have a commute to commit to, many of us have fallen into a routine of downing a coffee or another caffeinated beverage of choice before work to get our days going.

One drink of choice for many may have recently become a hazard, though, as Starbucks recalls a great number of cases of one of their popular retail beverages.

Those who do with an extra caffeine boost in the morning, beware.

The Starbucks logo on a glass door.
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Starbucks has had to recall over 250,000 cases of their popular canned Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso drinks after they discovered a manufacturing error that could cause some major health issues for those taking an unaware sip.

What exactly is wrong with them?

A Starbucks Doubleshot canned drink.
Unsplash | Annika Moan

It was found that cans within this batch were potentially improperly sealed, which could lead to accelerated spoiling and thus illness for anyone who drinks them. This recall was initially put out in November of 2021, but is being brought back as the drinks near their shared expiration date of March 28.

What drinks were recalled specifically?

Boxes with the Starbucks logo on an apartment floor.
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Of the Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso variants, the affected ones include Espresso & Cream, Espresso & Light Cream, and Espresso & Salted Caramel Cream.

All three versions were sold in 6.5 fluid ounce cans, and they recalled 85,956 cases of each flavor.

If you grabbed yourself a case or a can recently, be sure to double-check it before cracking it open.

A handful of coffee beans in front of the Starbucks logo on some carboard.
Unsplash | engin akyurt

No early-morning pick-me-up is worth getting sick over! It'll be much harder to get through the day ill than it would be without your morning coffee.

You're better off heading out and grabbing a new can, a freshly made drink, or making one for yourself.

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