Beth Dutton Moments From 'Yellowstone' To Remind Us That She's The Alpha

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Paramount Network's hit western drama Yellowstone has no shortage of rough and tough cowboys. But of all the unseemly characters, the one you absolutely do not want to mess around with is the matriarch of the family — Beth Dutton.

Over the course of Yellowstone's four seasons, Beth has proven time and time again that she is the one in charge. But in case you happened to forget, here are Beth Dutton's best moments that remind us exactly why she's the alpha.

Beth confronts the anniversary of her mother's death; Season 1, Episode 3 "No Good Horses."

Beth Dutton drinking champagne in the water trough in 'Yellowstone'.
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It's well-known that Beth blames herself for the death of her mother. On the anniversary of her death, Beth grabs two bottles of champagne from the house and proceeds to slip naked into a water trough, just outside of the ranch house.

Beth and Summer's first meeting.

Beth arrives home to see her father's newfound "friend" summer standing in the kitchen. After Summer asks "Who the [expletive] are you?" Beth grabs a large kitchen knife off the counter and responds "I'm the bitch about to stab you in the stomach."

Beth attacks Jamie in the barn.

Beth Dutton attacking Jamie in the barn in 'Yellowstone'.
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In Season 1's "No Good Horses", Beth and Jamie get into an argument out in the barn. After Jamie accuses Beth of killing their mother, she proceeds to beat the stuffing out of him — punching him multiple times in the face.

Beth's pistol is bigger than yours.

Beth Dutton in a bar in 'Yellowstone'.
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In Season 1, Beth takes real estate developer Dan Jenkins out for a drink to the local watering hole. In no time, she's approached by a strange man who proceeds to hit on her and assaults Dan.

Not missing a beat, Beth informs the would-be suitor that he can't speak to her in such a disrespectful fashion.

The man proclaims that Beth ought to have a large pistol in her purse to speak to him like that. To which she replies, "I do, it's called 'my name.' Beth Dutton — what's yours?"

Beth gives Jamie his 3 options.

beth Dutton in 'Yellowstone'.
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In Season 4's finale episode, Beth allows Jamie to choose his fate. He can either go to jail with his father, suffer the consequences from Rip, or murder his own biological father — thus avenging John Dutton.

Beth takes on a hungry pack of wolves.

Beth Dutton from 'Yellowstone' drinking whisky.
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Beth understands better than anyone, that in this world — it's dog-eat-dog. While she's out for a midnight drive with Rip in Season 1's "Kill The Messenger", Beth suddenly jumps out of the car and runs full-tilt-screaming toward a pack of wolves feasting on a deer carcass.

Beth kidnaps a priest.

Beth and Rip get married in 'Yellowstone'.
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Beth isn't one to abide by old and tired customs. This is why it should come as a surprise to absolutely no one that she performed an impromptu kidnapping of a priest in order to have him preside over her wedding to Rip.

"I love you, but [expletive] you." - Beth Dutton/'Yellowstone'.

Beth Dutton in 'Yellowstone'.
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When Beth decides to take her new ward, Carter, out shopping, Rip warns her of the dangers of spoiling the child. She then turns to the love of her life and defiantly says "I love you, but [expletive] you."

Beth forces IL Energy to suspend their dividend.

Beth Dutton in the board room in 'Yellowstone'.
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Beth is not opposed to blurring the lines of compliance. In Season 1's "Daybreak" episode, she coerces the CEO of IL Energy to suspend their dividend after threatening to dump Schwartz & Meyer's 18% share.

Beth holds Jamie to account.

In Season 2's "Touching Your Enemy," Jamie confesses to Beth that he gave an interview regarding sensitive family subjects. She slaps him in the face and drags him by his hair into the living room, forcing him to confess his sins to their father.

Beth stands up to her attackers; Season 2, Episode 7 "Resurrection Day."

Beth Dutton from 'Yellowstone'.
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After the Beck brothers send two goons to silence Beth, she takes them both on at her office and fatally stabs one of them. As the last assailant prepares to sexually assault her, Beth screams in defiance — daring him to do it.

Beth goes shopping.

In Season 2's "Enemies By Monday," a shopkeeper makes the grave mistake of accusing Monica of stealing from her. Shortly afterward, Beth comes to her rescue and proceeds to trash the entire store, utterly humiliating Monica's assailant in the process.

Beth negotiates for Shwartz & Meyer; Season 4, Episode 4 "Winning Or Learning."

Beth Dutton in 'Yellowstone'.
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When Beth is first introduced to Market Equities CEO, Caroline Warner, she negotiates a deal that gives her controlling interest of her old firm, Schwartz & Meyer. She then proceeds to bankrupt the company and ultimately fires her old boss, Bob Schwartz.

Beth survives the bombing.

Beth Dutton lights cigarette after bombing in 'Yellowstone'.
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In Season 4's premiere episode, "Half The Money," Beth survives a brutal bomb blast that was intended to kill her. After walking out of the building, skin still smoldering, she sits down on the curb and lights a cigarette.